Meal Planning Monday

Every Monday I publish my Weekly Meal Plan post. There are many reasons why I meal plan but the main reasons have to be saving money and reducing our food waste. Before I started to meal plan I found that I would buy a lot of food without knowing how I was going to use it and inevitably a lot did end up going in the bin. Throwing away food is like throwing money in the bin and something that we simply cannot afford to do. We are a family of five so I need to keep to our shopping each week other wise it can quickly get out of control.

I am not the only blogger who loves to meal plan. At Home with Mrs M created #MealPlanningMonday and it became a much loved weekly linky. A place where we could find inspiration from each other and share what meals we had planned for the week. When Mrs M decided to stop hosting the linky we simply could not stop! Together, as a group, we decided to keep it going as a blog hop. If you are a blogger feel free to join in, if you are not a blogger I hope that our meal plans will help to inspire you to meal plan, save money and make life easier for you.

Enjoy x
Hijacked By Twins


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