Tuesday, 12 December 2017

#CookBlogShare Week 50 - Plus 4 Homemade Edible Gifts

Hello and welcome to week 50 of CookBlogShare!

I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of another successful year of #CookBlogShare. I love how far this linky has come and how it has grown into a lovely community of foodie enthusiasts. But it would not be where is is without the help from my fantastic co-hosts Eb from Easy Peasy Foodie, Jacqui from Recipes Made Easy and Monika from Everyday Healthy Recipes. Since I returned to the employed world, they have literally kept the linky afloat. Without their help I really do not know where it would be, so thank you ladies, I really do appreciate all of your hard work!

For now, I am on the countdown to finishing work for the Christmas holidays. From Wednesday, next week, I will be off for 2 weeks and I cannot wait. One of the highlights of working in a school is the holidays, they not only allow me to enjoy the precious time with the children but it also allows me to continue working on Hijacked By Twins. Over the last 4 and a half years it has become a huge part of my life and something I cannot imagine not having. This week I am sharing my four favourite recipes from last week, next week the linky will be with Jacqui and then on Boxing Day it will return to me when I will be doing a round up of 2017. I will be featuring my favourite recipes from the last year, it will be a mixture of sweet and savoury recipes that you have shared over the last year. I cannot wait to share it with you!

Now on to this week's linky. Here are my four favourite recipes from week 49 of CookBlogShare, four recipes that would make delicious homemade, edible gifts...

There is something so special about creating a homemade gift. I find that they are always so well received and shows the time and thought that has been put into it.

The first recipe that I thought would make a tasty gift is this Luxury Vegan Mincemeat from YumSome. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or not you cannot deny this full of fruit mincemeat. This mincemeat looks and sounds ideal for some mince pies or even by the spoonful!

The following recipe not only impressed me but also impressed Chris Moyles! Yes, these creative diary free, gluten free and nut free mini Christmas cakes from Glutarama were mentioned after Rebecca sent one of her free from treats to the breakfast radio legend! With or without the approval of Chris, I know that these would be a huge success here!

Preserves are perfect for Christmas hampers and the following two recipes certainly tick that box!

One of our favourite treats has to be cheese and wine. Of course with a good cheese you need a good chutney! This quick onion chutney from The Peachick's Bakery is dairy free, soy free and gluten free. If you need a quick and easy chutney for a last minute hamper this is the recipe that you need!

Finally if you are wanting to give a jam that is a bit more special than your average jam this easy rose hip jam from Sew Historically would be perfect. What makes this jam even better is that you do not need to sit scraping out all of the seeds, simply blend the rose hips and then strain them through a fine mesh.

Now on to this weeks linky. To recap on the 'rules' pop over to my CookBlogShare page.

I cannot wait to see what you have been cooking up!

Enjoy x

Hijacked By Twins


  1. It is always a pleasure to link up with you. Thank you for all you do to bring bloggers together. I invite you to join me at #OverTheMoon #WWBlogHop #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Have a great week!

  2. Hello, Kirsty! Thank you so much for hosting this week! Have a fab Tuesday!

  3. #CookBlogShare has gone from strength to strength Kirsty, and it's all thanks to the hard work the 4 of you put in. It's always a pleasure to join in each week. And a great round up too - I particularly love Rebecca's mini cakes - they're adorable.
    Angela x

  4. Lovely round up Kirsty! One Christmas I will hopefully get round to giving people lovely homemade treats like this as gifts. I love Rebecca's mini Christmas cakes too x

  5. I love homemade gifts. We're doing jams and gingerbread this year!

  6. Great theme for a roundup Kirsty! Reminds me I need to make something Christmasey in a jar soon:)

  7. Lovely round up Kirsty. Icant belive how afst this year has gone. One of the biggest highlights of the year has been co hosting with you since easter it has been a privilege. I love the #CookBlogShare community. So its Thank you!

  8. Aw, thank you for the thanks Kirsty! Thank YOU for organising us and all YOUR support! It has been so lovely to see #CookBlogShare grow and become such a wonderful community. Can you believe we got 57 posts last week!! Fingers crossed for an even bigger one this week :-D Eb x

  9. I do love edible gifts as they are so special, brilliant round up! Also a huge shout out to yourself and three other wonderful ladies for all the fabulous work you do on this linky! It's always such a pleasure to link up! xx

  10. Just linked up a Christmas chutney recipe. It's been a pleasure to host this linky in 2017 so thank you for this opportunity Kirsty, it's lovely to see it grow every week too, I hope it keeps growing and growing... looking forward to another successful #cookblogshare year:)

  11. Thanks so much for hosting. This is indeed a wonderful little community, and it has really been a pleasure to participate. This is a lovely roundup: I agree—there's nothing like a homemade gift. Especially when it's edible!

  12. Amazing recipes..those mini cakes looks so pretty to eat..happy #cookblogshare

  13. Hooray for the holidays. Hope you have a wonderful time. Well done for keeping #CookBlogShare going and turning it into such a supportive community. I really miss my partner in crime when she left me to cope with #WeShouldCocoa all on my own. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.


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