Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Charlie Bighams - A perfect Meal for Two or More!

Last year I wrote a post about the Charlie Bigham's ready meals and since then they have become more widely available and we have tried even more of the delectable dishes. So when I was asked if I would like to share some more meals with you I knew I could not say no.

Until we tried Charlie Bigham's ready meals we had been a bit fussy with the ready meals that we had. In fact we rarely had them. We are passionate about good quality meals and getting pre-prepared meals that use quality ingredients can often be tricky. But Charlie Bigham's use carefully sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers and each recipe has been hand crafted by their top chefs.

The hard part for this post was selecting which meals to have as they all sound so good! The first meal that we had was the Chicken Tikka Masala with pilau rice. This has to be the best chicken tikka masala ready meal that we have ever had. The hubby and I have even put it at a par of the one that we get from our award winning local Indian restaurant. Being a fraction of the price is even better!

Photograph courtesy of Charlie Bigham we tucked in before I had chance to take a picture!

Most people probably associate Charlie Bigham meals with couples. So I thought that I would show you how they can also feed the whole family! I have chosen two family favourites to show you how versatile they really are. I chose to share the lasagne and fish pie with the kids. To make each of the meals go further they were served with garlic bread and salad with the lasagne and vegetables with the fish pie.

Two lasagne meals will easily serve two adults and three children. Simply add some garlic bread and salad and you have a truly authentic tasting Italian meal. The rich red wine beef ragu is perfectly complimented by the creamy cheese sauce, you will need some garlic bread to wipe up any leftover sauce from your plate!

We all loved the fish pie and we even got a beef bourguignon which the hubby is planning to have while the kids and I are away camping.

If you are looking for a ready meal that is something special I thoroughly recommend trying a Charlie Bigham meal!

Disclosure: I received vouchers to get the Charlie Bigham meals for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and honest!


  1. Before reading your post I always used to take garlic bread for granted but the way you have mentioned it’s used in lasagna, I will always keep it close to my heart now.

  2. All of these dishes make my mouth water, they look amazing and could be very helpful to make after a long day at work or when guests descend unannounced! It truly is amazing!


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