Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Home Improvements and a New Office

At last we have some news on the home improvements front. At the moment our outhouses are being transformed from a shed and coal house to a washing room/utility and a new larder. It is ridiculous how excited I am simply about having a larger utility and the opportunity to finally get a tumble drier. Then there is the larder! As we live in an older house storage is a huge problem so to have a room specifically for food storage will be a huge help. After my visit to River Cottage I am even hoping for some space to hang cured meat!

But something else that can now happen inside thanks to the building work is that I can finally have my own work space. The room that is now our small utility is to be my office. Having my own work space has got me thinking about how I will decorate the room, what will I furnish it with, as it will be my study I will need some work furniture. I already have some beautiful images for the wall which I think are fitting for my blog..

Having a comfortable chair is also extremely important for my posture as is ensuring that my activity levels do not drop. In a recent survey it was found that office workers should do an hours exercise to avoid an early death! In the work place this is simply not feasible but working from home it certainly is! Furniture at Work have created this fantastic video which shows you how easy it is to do some simple yoga moves in just five minutes at your desk!

Video courtesy of Furniture at Work

So even if you are short of time you can still look after yourself. This video is going to be saved so that when I am sat at my desk and need a few moments to reflect I will be able to sit and do some yoga!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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