Tuesday, 29 November 2016

All About the Drinks! Christmas with Aldi

This weeks is a fun week! Today I am going to tell you my top drinks and bargains from Aldi. In true Aldi fashion they have great, top quality drinks at a price we have come to expect from Aldi.

Today I thought that I would showcase a bit of all sorts. I have got some wines, gins, liqueurs, beers and even champagne. They really do have something for everyone and to suit all budgets! 

But you do not need to take my word for it. In a recent study by Which? Aldi champagne, malbec and even their turkey has been voted by the experts at Which? as their best buys!

Which? tested champagnes from all of the top retailers and even compared them to the high end champagnes such as Lanson, Laurent-Perrier and Moët. Aldi's Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut came out in their top three best buys and came out as the best value for money by being the only champagne to retail at under £10! These results will leave you wondering as to why we should pay more for a bottle of champagne when we can buy one from Aldi for a third of the price! I know which I choose.

Now onto one of our favourite red wines, Malbec, and when I saw that this particular wine had been given the best buy status I was not surprised. Aldi's Exquisite Argentinian Malbec is a wine that we have had in the past. The experts at Which? taste tested wines from the top retailers and found that spending more money on a bottle does not always mean that you will get the best wine. This Malbec from Aldi retails at just £5.99 making is significantly cheaper than the bottom two wines on the list. Again this is another example of spending more does not always mean you get the best!

Now let me tell you about my top Aldi drink finds for Christmas 2016...

  • White Wine - Lot21 Argentinian Chardonnay. This is one of the more expensive wines that Aldi have got in for Christmas. Each bottle is numbered and this is the perfect wine to go with the traditional turkey dinner!
  • Red Wine - Lot06 Priorat from Spain. This full of character Garnacha red wine is limited to only 36,000 bottles and is my choice of red wine this Christmas.
  • Prosecco - Belletti Prosecco Spumante DOC is the best priced prosecco available and one of the nicest. Priced at just £5.39 a bottle you really can splash out!

Now onto the beers...
  • Bah Humbug - Wychwood have created a truly festive ale with rich fruity spiced flavours.
  • WeihnachtsBier - The German brewery have made a Christmas beer which is just like you will find at the German Christmas markets and you can enjoy it at home!
  • La Goudale - This blonde beer originate from a French abbey. It is a high alcohol beer that has an abv of 7.20%. It comes in a 750ml bottle so perfect for sharing!

  • The Great British Brewery - Aldi have gone into the craft ale markets with these original little bottles. You can choose from golden ale, IPA, larger and porter. Priced at just 99p per bottle you cannot go wrong. My personal favourite has to the the Spill the Beans Coffee Porter.

Now my favourite drink, gin!
  • Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin - I love gin and this is my favourite gin to drink with a mixer. It is just as good as other London dry gin's but is a lot cheaper!
  • Topaz Blue - Botanical gins have so many added flavour notes and Topaz Blue is just as good as another well known botanical gin but, yet again, is a lot cheaper. This 70cl bottle retails at just £13.99!
  • Gin Lane 1751 - 'Old Tom' gin is a Victorian style gin and is so smooth to drink yet sweet to the taste. This is a gin that I have wanted to try so I was delighted to see it in store at Aldi.

After meal liqueurs...
  • Coffee Cream Liqueur - This year I have found some lovely creamy coffee liqueurs. They come in three different varieties, Crema di Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and Espresso and make a welcomed change from the usual Christmas liqueurs.
  • Ballycastle - Irish cream liqueur is a Christmas must have. But I do begrudge spending out on the market leader as we only seem to drink it over the festive season. But Aldi have got their own Irish cream liqueur which is just like the market leader but costs only £3.75 per bottle!
  • Irish Coffee - This is the ideal way to finish a meal and these pre prepared Irish Coffees come in dainty little glasses that can be kept and reused in the future. They contain the perfect amount of whisky to give them a kick along with the creamy sweetness of the coffee they are a fantastic addition to the cupboard for Christmas!

The drinks that I have highlighted today are just to give you an idea of what Aldi are offering this Christmas. You will find so much more instore so when it is time to stock up your drinks cabinet this year pop to your local Aldi to save some money!

Enjoy x

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Looks like a fab selection and some great prices. I've heard lots of good things about Aldi's wine. I shall have to pop in there to stock up before Christmas!! Thanks for linking up with #CookBlogShare :-) Eb x


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