Thursday, 28 July 2016

Finding The Perfect Car For A Growing Family!

Once the twins arrived we knew that we would need a larger car. As soon as we knew that they were on their way we had to say goodbye to the sporty car and say hello to the practical larger car. Since the twins arrival, four years ago we are now on our third car! How have we got through so many cars you may wonder. This is simply down to poor choice, until the car we have now. The second car that we bought, we thought that it was going to be bigger, but in hindsight we rushed the purchase and really did not make the right decision.

We underestimated how much room three growing children would need especially when it comes to going on holiday! As the children grew, so did our need for a larger car. It got to the point where our boot would be jam packed and we would need to put other things in a second car. Be it my parents or my mother in laws car. This was fine, but we were not always going to have people in a second car going on holiday with us!

Last summer we went on holiday and took my mother in law with us. To save on the diesel and inconvenience of taking two cars with us every time we went out, which was everyday, we decided to hire a seven seat car. Having an even larger car for the week opened our eyes and made us realise that we did actually benefit from having the seven seats even though we are only a family of five. It just made life easier. The kids had more room, they could be separated if need be with one or two sitting in the boot area. Plus we had the added benefit of being able to take my mother in law on holiday and only need to take the one car. Once we got home after the holiday and went back to our smaller car we knew that, yet again, we needed to change our car. But this time we knew that we were not going to settle for second best. We were going to get the best car that we could!

We decided to go all out and go for a brand new car and make sure we got exactly what we wanted. We settled on a a luxurious, spacious seven seat car that ticked every single box. But anyone who has children and a limited budget will know how hard it is to pay out right for a car. This is where finance came in!

We have an excellent credit history. But if you change your car regularly, this can actually go against you when looking into car finance. This is simply due to the fact that the old loan must be paid before the new one can be taken out. Thankfully there is a company out there that are able to help people who have been in this situation or are looking for a car loan but have a poor credit history!

Thanks to car finance we were able to invest in our brand new car. It was an amazing feeling to know that we were the first people to own the car and pick it up with only 8 miles on the clock! The mileage from the factory to the forecourt!

We have now had our car for a year and we have had absolutely no regrets. Without taking out car finance we would have never been able to afford the car that we have. Having the new car not only gives us more room but also gives us the peace of mind knowing that we have got a safe and reliable car.

Do you change your car often?

Have you made the same mistakes when buying a car?

Have you relied on car finance in the past?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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