Friday, 15 July 2016

Emergency Loan Solutions

We all have those moments when we need some more money. Whether it is thanks to a broken washing machine or a broken car having somewhere to go that can help is a necessity in this day and age. The vast majority of us just manage to get by each month, paying rent or mortgage, the bills and buying food. But when an emergency happens we are not always prepared. It is a relief to know that there are people out there that can help you in the short term.

Are cash conscious Brits really making the best borrowing choices?
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A few weeks ago, we had one of those emergencies that we had simply not budgeted for. Our washing machine started making an awful noise. Being a family of five, our washing machine gets a lot of use. People with children will understand me when I say that the washing pile is never ending. So when the machine started to make these noises we did panic. When the twins came along we could not afford for me to return to work due to childcare costs, so we rely on the hubby's income and I do earn a little doing freelance work but still we seem to struggle. The cost of living has gone up and wages have not. This makes it practically impossible to save any money for a rainy day, such as when the washing machine broke!

Having to find an additional £300 for a new washing machine made us consider what options were out there. We knew that we did not need enough money to justify getting a long term, larger loan from the bank, but we did need help. We also knew that we could not afford to put it on our credit card as we rely on those funds throughout the month. So we looked around and found Vivus. Vivus are a short term loan company who can help you out with additional funds until you get paid. You can borrow from £100 to £300 and chose the length of time you need to pay it back, from 10 to 41 days. It is that simple and gives you that peace of mind that there is help available when you need it most. You get an instant decision and you have set the terms to what you know you can manage. We have all heard horror stories about people taking out loans and not being able to repay them. So a responsible lender will look at your financial situation to check that you can pay the money back. This is for both the borrower and the lender's benefit and is responsible lending. If you ever need a loan that you know you cannot pay back then you can get some further information from The Money Advice Service.

So next time you have an emergency try not to panic, there is help out there!

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