Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie

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If there is one food that needs to be included in a buffet is a good pork pie. But only the best, traditional pork pie will do. Vale of Mowbray bake only traditional pork pie, the way they have always been made. They way they have been made since 1928. Vale of Mowbray have been baking and brewing food for over two centuries, but over the last 86 years they have stopped brewing to achieve the perfect bake.

Vale of Mowbray do a wide variety of freshly baked pork pies. They do:
  • The Grosvenor - Which is a long loaf shaped pork pie which has been stuffed with 7 eggs and full of pork.
  • The County - Which is another loaf shaped pork pie which ideal for slicing and sharing.
  • The Large - Which is the perfect size for sharing with your family. This pork pie cones in the regular pie and egg and pork pie.
  • The Medium - Which is on the large side of medium but a great pork pie for couples to share.
  • The Individual - This pie is not made for sharing!
  • The Snack - This pork pie is ideal for packed lunches or for the children. These come in the original pork pie and also Cheese and Pickle pork pies, which are my favourite!
  • The Mini - These mini pies are perfect to a buffet or for children with a smaller appetite.
Whatever size of pork pie you are looking for Vale of Mowbray have a pork pie to please. These hot water pastry delights are packed full of meat, they certainly do not disappoint.

We enjoyed our pork pies as part of a ploughman's style meal. They were ideal for this type of meal. Simply cut your pork pie and serve with a variety of cheeses which must include Yorkshire Wensleydale, meats, grapes and bread with side servings of pickles and chutneys. There you have a delicious meal which goes perfectly with a glass of red wine or for the men a glass of Yorkshires best bitter Black Sheep.

Yorkshire products go perfectly together and create a mouthwatering, locally sourced meal. Yorkshire creates so many delicious artisan foods and produce the list could go on and on. But when it comes to pork pies, Yorkshire is the best and the only choice!

Disclosure: I received a selection of pork pies for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. Ohh! I do love pork pies. At the moment I have a thing for pork & pickle pies. Yum x


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