Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Summer Time Tea with teapigs

If you are regular reader you will know how we love tea and teapigs!

So when I was asked if I would like to try making some summer teas I could not wait to get started! Tea is such a versatile drink. It can be drunk both hot and cold, used in bakes and can even have different holistic benefits.

I love iced teas but have you seen the amount of sugar they contain? I was gob smacked when I looked at the nutritional values on one very well known brand. In 591mls there was 31g of sugar, that is just over 6 teaspoons!

So why buy shop bought, heavily sugared iced tea when it is so easy to make at home without sugar, or with a lot less if you like it sweeter?

With teapigs it is so easy to have a wide variety of flavoured iced tea. My favourites are:
  • Darjeeling Earl Grey
  • Liquorice and Mint
  • Lemongrass
  • Super Fruit
  • Rhubarb and Ginger
They are all super refreshing!
To make a delicious cup of iced tea simply brew your chosen tea bag in 100mls of boiling water and allow to brew. Once you have released the flavours pour the tea into a glass, top with cold water and ice. Then enjoy! To make a jug you just increase the tea bags and water when brewing before topping up, adding some fruit and serving to impress your guests!

teapigs also sent me a recipe to make some tea milkshakes! These have become an instant hit with everyone here! This is no ordinary milkshake, it is full of the goodness from tea and creamy vanilla ice cream!

My favourite teas to use for the milkshakes have to be:
  • Apple and Cinnamon
  • Chai Tea
  • Chocolate and Mint
  • Chocolate Flake
  • Spiced Winter Red Tea (I know it is a 'winter' tea but it is delicious all year round!)

This milkshake is perfect for a hot summers day for the whole family. To make the ice cream milkshake all you have to do is brew your chosen teapigs tea in 100mls of boiling water until brewed. Then place 3 scoops of ice cream, either a drop of milk, or as I used 2 spoons of fat free vanilla yogurt, and your tea into a blender, blitz and serve! It really is that simple to make and is so delicious!

Enjoy x

Disclosure: I was send a bundle of teapigs teas for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received. All words, views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. This is brilliant! I drink nearly every day and I would have never thought of this. It sounds really good, I would love to make my own :)


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