Friday, 28 August 2015

Dreaming of Holiday Plans

Now that the summer holidays are almost over it is time to start considering next years family holiday! It is time to make the big decisions. 

Will it be in the UK, will it be abroad?

Will it be a beach holiday or a city escape?

The choices out there are endless!

I thought that it would be a bit of fun to sit and dream about holidays and share my findings with you. As always holidays are not just about what you can do, it is about destination and of course food! I love discovering new foods when on holiday, it is all part of the travelling experience.

Holiday Gems have created a fantastic content hub where you can compare both city and beach holidays. It gives you choices of worldwide destinations and I have loved dreaming of holidays. Here are my top beach and city destinations!

City Holidays


Rome is most definitely top of my city holiday destinations. I love the historical charm that it has. It is what has always drawn me to Rome. The hubby and I plan to visit when the children are older. Rome was to be our honeymoon destination before we discovered that the twins were on their way! I dream of the two of us walking around the statuesque Colosseum, sitting in a street cafe sipping a classic Italian espresso then dining on an authentic pasta dish before walking in the moon light!


This is another destination that is on the hubby and I's must see list. Reykjavik is quickly becoming a popular destination with city seekers and is no ordinary city. Here you can go whale watching, visit the zoo and various museums. Iceland is well know for the natural phenomena of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as they are better known. I remember seeing them as a child on a visit to Lake Tahoe, California and ever since then I have longed to see them again. To share this amazing sight with my family would be fantastic.


To me Florence screams out classic art and fine cuisine. This would be another "child free" holiday for the hubby and I. I feel that this is a city that would be more of an adult destination, I can see our children getting bored of walking around art galleries, museums and admiring the amazing historical architecture. But someting that the hubby and I would revel in. The Tuscan cuisine is also a huge attraction. I love their ethos of simple, fresh and readily available ingredients. Their staple ingredients are bread, white beans, fresh produce, olive oil and of course wine! What is there not to love?

New York

No city list would be complete without the big apple! New York is another must see. Simply for its status and culture I would love to visit New York. To visit a classic hot dog stand followed by a walk round Central Park, catching a show on Broadway and not to mention the shopping experience!

Beach Holidays

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, to me, looks like pure paradise! Lazing around on the beach, watching the children building sand castles and paddling in the water, just thinking about it relaxes me. If it is a holiday to escape everything then this would have to be the one!



Yes I will admit that I chose Mexico because of their food! I love Mexican food and would love to have 2 weeks of eating authentic Mexican tortillas, empanadas and burritos! Great food mixed with fantastic beaches, historical sites and latino music would make a great beach get away for the whole family!


Now for a couple of destinations that are closer to home. I used to live in Gran Canaria and have visited Tenerife in the past but I have never been to Lanzarote. I am sure that I would feel right at home in Lanzarote, after living in Canaria for 7 years I speak fluent Spanish and absolutely adore the Canarian cuisine and way of life.


I have visited many different parts of Spain but have not ventured across the boarder to Portugal. The Algarve always looks so picturesque with the turquoise seas and golden beaches. Like most beach destinations I can imagine sitting in a beach side restaurant enjoying freshly caught fish watching the sunset over the ocean view!

All of this talk of holidays really has ignited my desire to travel again. I have always loved to travel and discover new countries. My holiday destinations, so far have included many parts of Europe, America and even Africa. I long to show the world to my family we just need to pluck up the courage to take the twins! In a couple of years when they are bigger I am sure we will be brave enough!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Photographs have been used courtesy of Holiday Gems.

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  1. I love so many of these destinations. Florence is beautiful, though yes, it's a more grown up holiday to me, too, so I'd want to wait until the kids are older to go there. My thoughts are starting to turn to next year's break, too, and I still have no clue! x


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