Thursday, 26 March 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow - Week 12

This week has seen the hubby dead heading the hydrangea. I love hydrangeas and even as they are dying off they have a beauty about them. Therefore I feel sad seeing it cut back but I welcome the beautiful, green new growth that is shooting through. As the hydrangeas were cut back we were able to see the new peony growth coming through. I always love the front of our house in the summer and this year I will love seeing it develop even more. Last year we added a lot of plants that were from the bargain section so they didn't do much, but this year they should bloom. We also moved my beloved magnolia to the front. At the moment it is still tightly in bud but it is covered in buds so it should be full of flowers when the time comes.

As for the back garden, well what can I say, Opie and Jax, the puppies of anarchy, have well and truly taken over. They have recently discovered that they can dig. Thankfully at the moment they are digging in the area where we are going to be extending but we do not want them to carry on. We have found a lovely holistic dog trainer who has been to see us and she has given us a lot of tips for how to stop this so fingers crossed they will stop. Failing that the hubby will be building them a sand pit!

Anyway, this is how our garden has grown this week...

As always I am sharing how our garden has grown with the lovely Annie from Mammasaurus.

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Wow, fascinating to see those shoots coming through. Lovely colours. They almost resemble hands cupped together! x

  2. I love hydrangeas as you know, last week I spent far too long staring closely at the petal skeletons on them instead of blossom at our local gardens.
    Jax and Opie sound like they are making their mark on the place - I hope you are channeling your inner-Gemma to keep them in check (nice Gemma, not stabby-heady-bonkers Gemma). Not that I am calling you an old lady... oh dear, not it's me digging a hole!
    We used to have a very lively springer pup and got a trainer round to help us manage her / train her and it worked a treat so fingers crossed it's the same for you. Otherwise designated garden area time?

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again x

  3. The hydrangea is beautiful - sometimes I think even more so as it starts to die off but then it's beautiful with the flowers in full bloom and when it's in bud too. I really need to get myself a hydrangea.... #hdygg


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