Monday, 12 January 2015

The Dream of a Lottery Win!

Do you ever sit and daydream about what you would do if you were ever lucky enough to win the lottery?

What would you do?

Would you go on a dream holiday? Buy a dream house? Buy your dream car? The possibilities would be endless.

I know I often sit and dream about what we would do.

First of all we'd probably move to a bigger house. Not anything too big, but a house with enough room for us all, a larger garden and a larger play area for the children.

The hubby could give up his job.

We could go on holidays without watching the pennies.

I could shop to my hearts content.

Of course it is only a dream unless you play the lottery. Then you stand a chance of your dream becoming a reality.

You have the big decision of how do you pick those all important numbers. Do you play it lucky and let the machine select them or do you select numbers that are special to you?

I like to use our birthdays and special dates to select our numbers. I use the day, or the month, or part of the year. These make my numbers memorable ones and also meaningful numbers.

Gone are the days where you have to go out to the shops to collect your all important lucky ticket. Thanks to the internet this can all be done online. There are even sites like Lottosend where you can select various different lotteries to try your luck with.

How do you select your numbers?

This post is in collaboration with Lottosend

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