Friday, 15 August 2014

The 42 Days of Summer

It is time to enjoy the 42 days of summer!

As we all know, we cannot always rely on the good old English weather. So this post is to tell you what we will be up to and to give you a few ideas on things that you can do as a family. The most important point about all of these activities is that they do not cost a fortune to do, which is even better!

Here are our top things to do over the 42 days of summer...

Baking - kids love to get baking and enjoy eating the end product even more!

Rainy Fun - Even if it's raining let the children play in it! They will love jumping in muddy puddles. I put the wellies and rain macs on the twins and let them have wet day fun. Joseph loves leaving the rain mac inside and laughs and giggles in the rain. Look how happy he is!

Dining Al Fresco - Swap the dining table of an outdoor table and enjoy the sunshine, swap the oven for the barbecue and enjoy the fresh air. It is what summer evenings are for!

Garden Fun - To have fun you don't always have to spend a fortune or go far. Some of the best fun we have is in the garden. Get the sun cream on and enjoy!
Woodland Walks - Woodland walks are always full of discovery for children. Spotting animals, looking at trees, collecting pine cones, the activities are endless and free!
Parks - Visit local parks, they are free and are always exciting new places for the children to play in. Try and visit various different parks in your area to keep it exciting and why not take along a picnic.

Having tasty treats for the kids to refuel themselves while having fun is a must! That is where these delicious BN Biscuits from McVities come in. The children loved both the chocolate and raspberry flavour (so did the hubby and I when we got the chance to sneak one!). They are a handy size for little hands and have a great crunch to them! I will warn you, once they are open they soon disappear!

They are my summer tips for things to do that are cheap, if not free!

What will you be getting up to?

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  1. Great ideas and really loved your photos. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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