Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Point + Shoot - 5th - 6th April 2014

To be honest this weekend has been a quiet one. After our busy day out at the Cake and Bake Show on Friday we were ready to just relax.

For us, relaxing often means baking and gardening! I enjoyed quite a bit of baking time and the hubby got on with garden jobs.

We also had a lot of outdoor play in the garden. This really has become our quality time together.

Here is our weekend in pictures...

Some delicious scones which we later enjoyed with jam and clotted cream

The twins having a screaming contest

I love seeing the blossom coming into bloom

Our beautiful dainty purple flowers

Taylor and I in the rain

Joseph going down the lane with my parents dog Max

Marking out the new raised beds

Hubby playing football with the kids

All parked up
I am linking our weekend up with Snowing Indoors Point + Shoot



  1. Mmmm...scones with clotted cream and jam!! Love the purple flowers! x

  2. Those scones look delicious and I love the photo of you and Taylor! Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

  3. It is lovely to be able to get out and enjoy the garden isn't it. Your scones look yummy!

  4. Your scones look fab!
    I could munch one of these just about now

  5. what a a fabulous post, I want raised beds in my garden as well.

  6. Love the last picture - really made me smile! We used to have a line up like that in our garden!

  7. I love all the transport lined up! I also love the idea of a cream tea, yum yum x

  8. I adore the picture of your older boy walking down the lane, I don't know why, but I always find pictures of people walking away from the camera very visually appealing!

  9. It's great to bake at the weekends and a good walk will definitely put you in the mood sit down to those yummy scones! x

  10. can't beat scones, clotted cream and jam Mmmmmmmm

  11. I need scones now. Think a shopping trip is in order for me today.
    How cute all parked up

  12. I love a relaxing weekend, sometimes it is nice to relax at home!

  13. baking is definitely a good way to relax! those scones look lovely, and i love the blossom photo.


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