Thursday, 24 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 17

So much has happened in our garden this last week. Thanks to the sunshine and rain the flowers are starting to open. Other plants have buds and the promise of added colour.

The seedlings in the greenhouses are really shooting up now and are nearly ready for re potting which really is going to be a huge job. Last week when the hubby was out he picked up some more potatoes which were in the clearance section for only £1. My hubby cannot resist a bargain when it comes to plants. We now have so many potatoes and not enough beds for them so we are considering putting some in the front garden! We haven't really added much to the front garden as at some point in the future we are wanting to use half of it for a drive. It looks like it is going to become our "overspill" potato garden soon!

This is how our garden has grown this week...

The Tulips waiting for the sun to shine to open up!

The Peony buds are promising a beautiful dash of colour!

Some Stocks that we found in the clearance
section are starting to flower!

The Cabbage seedlings are ready for moving.

The Beetroot is shooting up!

This year we have tried growing Onions from
seed and so far, they are doing well!

Yay! The first Potato plant has come through.
We now have four that have come through
from the first row.

The Sweet Peas have got so tall, we are planning on making
a wigwam for the in the first section of the garden.

The Courgettes are getting stronger!

The great family Sunflower race! We each have 2 pots, so far
Taylor is in the lead!

All but two of the raised beds have got seeds and plants in.
The remaining two have been left for the seedlings.

Sugar Snap Peas and Beans.

I was pleased to see there are some Elderflower
buds coming.

One of my favourite plants is coming into
bloom. The Lilac at the bottom of the garden
is beautiful when in flower. However it really
does need tidying up!

The Tulips open!

We're not too sure what these are but the are a
beautiful colour.

Strawberry plants

More flower seedlings!

We have some pretty flowers coming on the Chives.

Some new life coming on my Magnolia!

Last of all, this isn't one of our trees, it is one
that I walk past on the school run. I had to get a
picture because it looks so pretty and full of
As always I am sharing this post with Mammasaurus' fantastic How Does Your Garden Grow? linky. Pop over and see Mammasaurus beautiful pictures from RHS Wisley and how other bloggers gardens have grown.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Lots of flowers ready to show off over the next few weeks. And your veg patch is going to be bursting.

  2. Your garden is beautiful! We are still yet to get going this year, but we'll get there! Very excited to see your strawberries!

  3. Beautiful garden, your seeds are showing a lot more life than mine

  4. i am sooooo excited for you all!!! and peonies? i am envious.

  5. Beautiful garden, love the tulips and the lilac!

  6. So much growing is happening in your garden! Love your blooms! #HDYGG

  7. Wow all the preparation is paying off, soon you will have beautiful plans and veggies.

  8. your garden looks fantastic! my seedling are all growing strong , the onions are through and it's all looking good!

  9. All your seedlings look so strong and healthy and you are so lucky to have elderflower in your garden! I think your mystery plant could be a bluebell?

  10. You should be called ma larkin you so idelic and inspirational i would so love to visit your garden

  11. It's looking great! It's fab when the nice weather starts coming and colour starts to show in the garden again isn't it.

  12. It all looks like it's bursting to life! I love peonies, and is that a bluebell that you're not too sure about there?

  13. Its looking good bet you cant wait for the end result .x

  14. Wow what a lot of progress in such a shot time. Bet you can't wait for harvest time!

  15. You have such a lovely garden. We kill everything green that enters our garden... x

  16. Beautiful! I love the lilacs and the last tree

  17. What some beautiful pictures, I love the buds starting to show :) x

  18. It looks like you're going to have an amazing vegetable garden!

  19. There is so much going on in your garden! You have lots of produce I am so green with envy. We also have so many squirrels who love to dig up all our efforts! I hope the sun keeps shining x

  20. What a lot of ace shots - there's only one thing I love more than seeing seedlings popping up and growing and that's peonies - I cannot wait to see that bad boy in bloom!
    Your raised beds are really giving me serious motivation to crack on and get mine finished!
    Thanks for sharing again - such a difference in a week!

  21. That is coming along so well! I just have one hanging basket with not much progress (apart from the weeds are growing ok) - but there you are with life bursting all over the place - well done :)

  22. Your garden and plants are looking fab

  23. Wow you're doing so much! I really want to plant some veggies - onions and beetroot would be my favourite...I'm worried it's too late now! I need to get going. Love your photos.

  24. Love how quickly everything starts changing in the garden. I look forward to your photos.

  25. what lovely blossom, love spring! x

  26. Looks like everythings coming along nicely :) x

  27. wow, you have so much going on in your garden! we really underestimated the number of raised beds we would need… I think we will have to build some more! x

  28. So lovely that your garden is starting to blossom in this lovely weather. x

  29. Lots of Beautiful Flowers!!! and those Beetroot are certainly on they way! FAB :) #HDYGG

  30. I'm so glad your garden is growing so well. The wigwam idea sounds great. And congrats on Taylor's growing sunflowers.

  31. I'm glad your garden is growing os well. The wigwam idea sounds great. And congrats on Taylor's sunflowers.

  32. I'm glad your garden is growing os well. The wigwam idea sounds great. And congrats on Taylor's sunflowers.

  33. You have a lovely garden and a lovely range of plants and colours I wish I was more more of a gardener.


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