Friday, 21 March 2014

Word of the Week - Attachment

When I started to think about what my word of the week would be I kept coming back to the same word.

That is...

This word is for my little man, Taylor.
Taylor is and always has been a mummy's boy.
Please don't get me wrong, I love Taylor being a mummy's boy and the attachment is on both sides.
I have always, up until this last week, got Taylor to sleep. He would not go to his daddy or anyone else.
Now that the twins are 25 months old we have started to try and get them to go to sleep in their cots instead of being cuddled to sleep as we have done until now.
I did the same with Joseph. I cuddled him to sleep until he was two and a half and he always came into bed with me until he was three. I did say that I wouldn't do this with the twins. But I find that cuddling the babies to sleep is a great bonding time and a time that I have treasured. However, they are getting older and I know that we need to change how we do the bedtime routine.
We started putting the twins in their cots but Taylor just would not go to sleep for me. He did everything that he could to play, make me giggle and just would not settle for me. He'd lay in bed and sing, shout "Mummy, where are oooo?", blow raspberries, play hidey boo, anything to not go to sleep!
However for hubby, he does mess around but after he has been told to stop he does!
So we swapped twins. I took over getting Isabella to sleep while the hubby took Taylor.
However, me just being in the room, made Taylor want to play and do anything to get my attention.
That is why hubby suggested that I take a step back and let him get them both to sleep.
Isabella has got it cracked bless her. She will lay down and get herself to sleep.
Taylor is the difficult one!
The first night he sobbed and sobbed and shouted "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy". It broke my heart to say good night and walk away. But I did. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and was in tears, my heart was pulling me to go back but my head was telling me not to.
The cord was being cut even more. My baby is growing and not really a baby anymore. I miss the babies that they were but am loving the toddlers that they are becoming.
Over the last week, the crying has got less and getting them to sleep is getting quicker. It has got easier for me too. I do still stand at the bottom of the stairs listening when I hear him cry but I do feel happier that he is settling easier.
Tomorrow is another big, no not big, it is a HUGE step for the twins, and the hubby and I.
The three children are going to my mum and dad's for the night.
The twins have never had a night away from us since they left hospital after being born and being in NICU for 12 days.
This will be the first night that someone else has put them to bed and they have not been with us. I know that the hubby and I are probably worried and nervous over nothing. I am sure that the twins will be fine. Luckily my parents only live down the road, so just in case we are needed, we are not going out, but will have a nice meal and a bottle of wine at home. We are just hoping that they settle and that we can enjoy a full nights sleep and a lie in!

Even though the bedtime attachment is not like it was, my little boy still remains a mummy's boy and always will be! (I hope!)
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  1. Awww bless you - it is really hard letting go at times isn't it! I hope you relax and enjoy your child free time xx

  2. I really feel for you. It is the hardest thing to leave your child crying, even for a short time. And yes, he will always be your little boy :-) x #wotw

  3. Aww! It's so hard when they cry for you but it will be worth it in the end....
    Have a lovely evening tomorrow!!

  4. Ahh I'm sure he will be! I hope you do have a relaxing evening and morning x

  5. Most importantly here is to have a great night tomorrow! Don't worry about them...they are in safe hands and adults need adult time! I am mum lives fairly near and had the kids from an early age. It gave us the break we needed and gave her happy times to savour as Granny! Best of both worlds..

  6. Hearing them cry is just the hardest thing. Soon he will crack it and will be putting himself to sleep with no problems. Have a great night! Everyone deserves a break now and then :D

  7. What is it with boys? Always FAR more "attached" than more independent girls! Hope your night away from them goes well xx

  8. Each stage of separation is really tough, isn't it! But I hope you have a fantastic night. We're staying overnight away from my two for the first time in a few weeks - I can't wait, but I have butterflies at the same time.

  9. Aww I hope they had a lovely time with your parents and I hope you and hubby enjoyed your evening :)

  10. Separation is always very hard! I hope you are going to have a great child free night after all!

  11. Sleep time for most babies/children and parents is a tough one. There's no right or wrong way to do it, hearing them cry is the horrid thing though, as it's our natural instinct to comfort them. Good luck with it all x

  12. We practise attachment parenting with both ours - eldest is nearly three and sleeps some of the night alone and some of the night with us. He has slept at nannies twice since he was born. Youngest is 17months and still fully breast fed and co sleeps so no chance of him staying away for a long time!

  13. My daughter still cries and cries and she is 4 on Tuesday grrrrrrrrrrr lol .x

  14. I hope the night away was ok. I cuddle Baby to sleep (she is almost 1), We always have and I worried then I thought it's not so bad. She is hardly going to turn into a 16 year old that has to be cuddled to sleep. I think it all evens out in the end. Good on you for trying to change things though. I, like you, like the cuddling and rocking in the dark before bed x

  15. My boy was the same, he is now 6 and loves his Mummy cuddles :) #WotW

  16. It's so difficult isn't it. My daughter is very much a Mummy's girl and we are having terrible trouble with her sleeping at the moment, she will only come to me too and I feel like I constantly have her attached to me. I'm glad things are getting easier for you and I hope you enjoy your child free night.

  17. Aw I really feel for you. It's so hard to hear them crying. I hope their night with your parents went well for you all and that you and your hubby had a mega lie in. x

  18. Attachment is such a lovely thing, but I know what you mean - there is a point as a mummy where we need to encourage more independence. My lad was always happy to sleep in his own bed, but my little girl didn't stop sharing my bed till she was 9! lol

  19. It is hard letting them self soothe - I need to do this with Sebastian as he loves ro be cuddled to sleep, but it can wait a bit longer

  20. I have 2 mummy's boys! Love it although it can be difficult at times!

  21. aww bless you, I think at 25 months though it's so different to them crying as babies, Wilf sometimes cries too but he is nearly two and half now so I know he is ok. I go in after a little while tuck him back in and for the most part he is sleeping great now! (after almost two years of a billion wake ups a night!) good luck xx

  22. awwwh mine was like that .xxx cuddles and hugs are the best though unless they are koala hugging your legs round ASDA !


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