Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stormy Day

Today has been quite a scary day.
It has been so windy.
Things have been blown around in the garden.
Two of our plastic greenhouses have been blown over. One is probably beyond repair but the other looks ok.
Plants that were in pots are now laid on the floor with compost scattered everywhere.
Luckily the other plants and trees that are planted in the garden have survived the winds as has our fence.
But it is this evenings predicted events that I am most worried about.
Our village has been put on a red flood alert.
The village that we live in is by the side of the River Trent and we have been warned that when the high tide comes in it may break the banks.
Luckily we don't live on the banks but it is still a worry as we are not far! Also we have steps up to our doors so we are raised up a little.
However the village school is up towards the river bank and if there is any flooding I am sure it will be effected.
Just to be on the safe side we will be taking important papers upstairs tonight and taking a few food bits just in case.
I may be over reacting, and I sincerely hope that I am and that I will look at this post in the morning and giggle about how I panicked!
But wherever you all are take care in the bad weather!
Fingers crossed everything will be ok in the morning x

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