Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mattessons Double Dippers Review

Keeping home, cooking, baking, looking after the twins and Joseph certainly keeps me busy!
So when I saw that there was a snack for busy people I was immediately interested!
It is not unusual for me to be that busy during the day meal times for myself can sometimes be missed which is not great for keeping up my energy levels.
A recent survey that was carried out by Mattessons found that I am not the only person that this regularly happens to. They also found that more than 50% of women have a mid-afternoon energy crash. 3pm-4pm has been found to be the time of day we are most likely to reach for the snacks. This is true in my case! I will often grab a piece of chocolate or a cereal bar as I am getting ready to go out on the afternoon school run.
I need a quick, easy, healthy snack that I can eat and enjoy whilst I do other jobs.
This is where Mattessons Double Dippers come in!
They contain fresh marinated pieces of chicken, which are 100% natural not processed!
The chicken is accompanied with a tasty dip and crunchy coatings!
Double Dippers contain than less than 190 calories per pack which makes them a great alternative to other snacks such as crisps which don't keep you full for long and aren't the most healthiest of snacks!
They are high in protein and full of flavour.
They come in a handy tub that is divided into sections and even come with a small fork, or a "spork" as Joseph called it, which is ideal for when you are out and about.
Mattessons Double Dippers come in four delicious flavours

  • Classic Double Dippers
  • Italian Double Dippers
  • Thai Double Dippers
  • Tikka Double Dippers

It wasn't just myself who was eager to try the Double Dippers My hubby and Joseph couldn't wait to try them either!
Joseph was the first one to give the Classic Double Dippers the taste test.
The chicken in the Classic Double Dippers is lightly marinated and has a mild garlic taste. It comes with a light creamy garlic sauce and toasted crumb crunch.
The Double Dippers are not just great for us busy mums but also a filling, healthy snack for an after school snack for hungry children. Many of you will have children like Joseph who are always hungry, the Double Dipper did fill the gap and kept him going until tea time!
Joseph loved the novelty of dipping not once but twice and is begging me to buy them again!

The Italian Double Dippers give a little taste of the Mediterranean with its herb marinated chicken breast and tomato and basil dip. I was surprised by the chunky dip and did not want to leave a single bit! It was fill of juicy, chunky pieces of tomato and onion.
The Thai Double Dippers are full of spices and chili which give your taste buds a real hit!
I had a lovely lunch enjoying the spicy Tikka Double Dippers. The spicy marinated pieces of chicken are cooled with the perfect smooth mint yogurt dip to balance out the flavours. 

Mattessons have recently conducted a survey to get more information on how our busy lives influence our meals and snacks.
Here is a summary of what they discovered

I think that a lot of us will be able to relate to some of these results.
I would truly recommend trying Mattessons Double Dippers.
We found that they are great for the whole family!
I enjoyed mine as a lunchtime meal, my hubby enjoyed his as an additional part of his packed lunch for work and Joseph was quick to dip after school to tide him over until tea time!
For more information on Mattessons Double Dippers and for a downloadable 25p off coupon visit
Mattessons Double Dippers can be found in Tesco and Asda and retail at £1.59
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We were sent 2 packets of each of the flavours of Mattessons Double Dippers to taste and review. I will be receiving a payment for my review but all of the opinions in this post are 100% honest and have not been influenced in anyway.

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