Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Compare4Kids Website Review

I often find looking for toys for Joseph hard online as there are so many different shops that stock different toys and at different prices.
So when I heard about Compare4Kids I was curious to see what it had to offer.
I sat Joseph down, went to the website and told him that he could make a "wish list" using Compare4Kids children's gift finder.
His face lit up when I told him he could look for toys up to the value of £100.
This is how he got on...
Joseph's Gift Wish List Using Compare4Kids
When we went onto Compare4Kids children's gift finder Joseph was easily able to select which toys are relevant for his gender, age and price range. We loved that he is able to look for toys that have have a budget starting from £5 and under. It will be a great way for Joseph to look for toys when he has saved some pocket money and will save us valuable time trawling through the internet and looking a various sites! After spending a while looking through the different gift ideas this is what Joseph has put on his wish list!
1 - The first item that Joseph picked was The Cube board game. When I asked him why he had chosen this game he told me that he thought it would be a fun game for us all to play as the television programme is "cool!"
The Cube Family Electronic Game
2 - He then went on to find Airhogs in red. He has seen these on television before and would love to play in the garden with one!

Air Hogs Atmosphere - Red
3 - Then he found the Slap Watches! These were an immediate hit with him and he sat and checked that he had enough money left to add an orange one to his list!
4 - We have just finished rearranging Joseph's bedroom so when he saw these letters for the wall he said that they would be perfect for his newly done room!
Child's Initial Wall Sticker
The next two items on Joseph's wish list are toys that he has picked for his brother and sister. He loved being able to change the age range and gender to look for specific toys.
This is what he has picked for them...
"Isabella would love a Pink Pop n Pick Up Elefun because she loves rolling and throwing ball and she loves pink!"
Playskool Pop n Pick Up Elefun Pink
"Taylor would love this car carrier (Car Transporter) because he loves driving his cars about and with this he will have something to put them on!"

John Lewis Car Transporter
After Joseph had finished, I asked him what he thought. This is what he said...
"Great website!"
"Easy to use!"
"Like picking the age and amount of money that I can spend"
"I saw toys that I hadn't thought of and it gave me ideas!"
"Like having lots of shops in one place!"
"I give it 5 out of 5, no I meant 10 out of 5!"

This is a website that I will definitely be using again it makes looking for gifts so much easier!
Check their gift finder out
Disclaimer: This post is my entry for Compare4Kids bloggers competition
WE WON!!!!!!
Yay thank you so much Compare4Kids!
Our win is still a secret from Joseph. What I am planning to do is wrap them up and place them in a separate bag that we will give to him on Christmas morning.
I cannot wait to see his face when he realises that we won his wish list!
Thank you again Compare4Kids you will be making one little boy feel extremely lucky as he always says that he is unlucky as we never win anything for him!
Well this time we did!
Thank you x

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