Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Bug Continues!!!

I thought that the dreaded bug was actually leaving us!!!
But no!!!
Isabella has started with a temperature this afternoon and hubby has come home feeling like death warmed up. To top it all I am not feeling too great either, but on I plod!
Joseph is the only one, touch wood, who is still feeling ok.
I am just hoping and praying that we get a good nights sleep and that in the morning that we are all feeling better.
I am not the greatest of nurse when it comes to my poor, patient, hubby. I think that, as a woman, I just get on with it. I think that it is a well known fact that men get everything worse!
I really do need to brush up on my nursing skills, which I am sure he would agree, and try to be a bit more patient with him.
Sorry huni, I will try, I promise!
At the moment everyone is tucked up in bed so I thought I'd have a cup of calming chamomile tea and have a quick blog while it is all quiet.
I have got so much to post and so little time.
Having Taylor poorly at the beginning of the week has meant that I have got behind with everything.
Today I thought that I could start to catch up and then little Isabella starts with feeling bad.
On a good note though, I had Joseph's parents evening today and I am so proud of him. His teacher has told me that, overall, he is doing great. Excelling in maths and achieving great improvements in his literacy and reading. We just need to work on his spellings which is what I expected. I have always struggled to get Joseph to practise his spellings, it is something which he really does dislike, and don't I know it! But he is doing great and I am sure that he will continue to.
We have started to have some regular me and Jos time in an evening. I have been making sure the majority of the jobs are done while I cook tea or just before the twins bed time so that when we come down I can give him 100% of my time. We have started to read a book that we have got to review and we are both thoroughly enjoying having that bit of bonding time.
It has been missed so very much!
I have still got to post about my easy peesy yummy salmon dinner that I made the other night, I have made some new bread rolls today which I will share and I have a cake to make!
Along with our daily on goings and stories I have so much to tell.
First I need my lot, and me, to get fit and healthy again and kick this bug out of our house.
Hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow.........
Fingers crossed x

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