Friday, 18 October 2013

Holiday Memories

Going on holiday has made me think about my childhood memories of holidays!

I have some amazing holiday memories and I hope to create lots for my children too.

When I was a child my parents took us abroad one year then stayed in England the next year. I remember them saying that it was important that we knew the country that we live in as well as new countries.  I have got to say a lot of my treasured memories are from UK holidays. My parents had a caravan and as a child it was full of adventure!
I remember wanting to go off exploring as soon as we arrived. We'd get our bikes and we'd be off making new friends and experiencing the wildlife.  I remember loving to explore in woodland and making dens.
One of my favourite memories is from a caravan site near to Sandringham. This site was based in woodland and our caravan backed onto a forest and a little stream.  These created hours of fun. We found a great den that was half made in the forest so set about finishing it. The stream was icy cold but we enjoyed wading down and looking at the tiny fish.
The caravan gave us a sense of freedom. When we weren't going on days out we'd be off with our new friends seeing what new things we could find.
It is sad that times have changed. I don't think I would be happy if Joseph asked to go off like we did as children. I know that I would always be looking and worrying if he was ok. However I will try to let him and the twins experience as much as I can. This will be their first caravan holiday. It is not like the caravan that my parents towed around it is a big static one with a few more home comforts. But we will still be creating new, happy, family memories!

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