Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Family Holiday - Day 5 Rainy Day

Today has been such a wet, rainy day so we really needed to do something inside.
We made our way over to Berwick Upon Tweed to visit the barracks. This is a place that Joseph had asked to go to last time that we were here but it was closed so we made sure we went when it was open.
This really was not an outing for the twins. They soon got bored and we had to take them outside for a bit of lunch. We always take packed lunches out with us to save a bit of money so we huddled under a shelter on a bench and had some lunch while Joseph went round with his nanna and grandad.
After lunch we walked the twins around the courtyard and they were excited to see there were puddles! They went straight for them and stomped their feet and listened for the splishing and splashing noises they could make. I am so pleased we invested in their first pairs of wellies before we left home!
Once we were all back together again we had a walk into Berwick and my hubby treated me to a lovely box of Thornton's chocolates. In fact we all left the shop with something. Isabella had her first taste of Thornton's chocolate which she loved! Taylor isn't as bothered but as soon as Isabella had finished what she had she was shouting "chocolate, chocolate" for some more. She certainly is her mothers daughter!
On the way back to the caravan we took a detour to Sunnyhills Farm Shop as we had seen it advertised and were immediately drawn to it! One thing that me and the hubby do enjoy is good food and cheese! When we find a good farm shop we like to treat ourselves. We did that today! We left with various cheeses, pies, sausages, crackers and biscuits! We've even said we'll be going back before we go home.
Now that all the kids are in bed it's Paul and Mary time and maybe a glass of wine and some of the delicious cheese that we bought today.
Tomorrow I think that we will be visiting Alnwick Castle and Gardens which should be a fun filled, adventurous day for us all.

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