Thursday, 17 October 2013

5 Things - Why I Love Holidays!

This week I had to base my 5 Things on holidays!
We are going away tomorrow and the pre-holiday stress has begun so what better way to calm down than to remember why I love going away!

1 - Quality family time! On holidays we really do make the most of being away from the daily grind of work for hubby, house work for me and just enjoy spending time together as a family.

2 - Visiting new places and enjoying favourite days out. We have been to Northumberland a few times and were there at the Easter. It is a place that we love and always find lots to do.

3 - Eating out! Yes, even I get a break! We don't eat out every day but I do enjoy it when we do.

4 - Letting the children experience the out doors. The twins have their first pair of wellies so they will be able to explore the world around them a bit more.

5 - A bit more me and hubby time! Normally, at home, when the kids are in bed we are busying about cleaning the kitchen, doing the packed lunches before sitting down for a bit before bed. On holiday it is more relaxed and it is lovely to have a bit more time together.

Here are my 5 Things for the week. Hopefully I will still get the chance to blog while I am away!

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