Thursday, 10 October 2013

3 Years Ago

Three years ago today I had a very special ring put on my finger.
Three years ago today my hubby asked me to marry him.
We had only been together 4 months but it felt like so much longer. Since the day we got together we were inseparable.
The night that he proposed we had gone out for a meal. I had no idea how our evening was going to finish.
When we had finished our meal we went to the car to go home. It was then that hubby produced a little box and asked me to marry him.
I didn't actually say yes straight away, instead I squealed with excitement! Hubby sat there looking at me and said
"I take it that's a yes?"
Of course it was!
It was a yes!
Then he slipped the most beautiful, sparkling ring onto my finger.
At that moment I knew that I was getting the happy ever after that he had told me I would have!
We decided that there was no point in waiting, we wanted to get married, so the wedding plans began pretty much straight away.

This post is for my hubby!

Thank you for making me the happiest woman ever!
The day you proposed you made my dreams come true and I knew that you would always be there for me.
You are my everything, you my everlong. You have given me everything that I have ever wanted. A happy home, a loving husband, beautiful children and a feeling of contentment that I never thought that I would actually have!
Even when times are stressful, when we are tired, when the children are being demanding never forget that I love you and always will.
Siempre y para siempre xxx

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