Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Month Ahead......

It is September already!!
I cannot believe how quick this year is flying by.
September is going to be a busy month.
Here is a round up of what is coming up this month for our family.

* First we'll be getting back into a school routine of walks to and from school, homework, reading, spelling tests, early nights and manic mornings!

* We, sadly, have to say a final goodbye a very special man who will always remain close in our hearts.

* Joseph turns 9! I still cannot believe how grown up he is becoming. As he grows so does my pride.

* There are couple of holidays planned. Unfortunately not for us, but for people close that we will miss while they are away.

* The twins turn 19 months.

These are just the events that I can think of!
Of course these will be topped with lots more baking cakes and bread, new recipes, new ideas, twins will develop and learn more, Joseph will gain more knowledge at school and will no doubt try to push the boundaries more, me and hubby will carry on having our date nights and enjoying any spare moment we get to relax together, and the season will start to change in our garden.
Lots of ups and a huge down to get through but, as always, we will get through it together.
As a family x

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