Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sleepless Nights Return!

Oh well, the bliss of full nights sleep has passed and sleepless nights have returned.
The twins have more teeth on the way and are so unsettled. When Taylor opens his mouth his poor little gums are so swollen at the back where the dreaded molars are trying to cut through. It is going to be a long haul, he is only on his first molar!
Isabella cut all four of her molars without any fuss. She is a typical girl, she just gets on with it. She has cut her teeth and we have only known about them when we have seen them. However she is currently cutting incisors on both sides and is feeling it a bit. She has turned from a cheery little girl into a little grump!
Taylor has struggled with each and every tooth. He has only just cut his seventh tooth so we've got a way to go yet but this molar seems to be taking forever. He's then got three more molars to come after that plus three other teeth to even catch up with Isabella!
I was just enjoying getting used to actually getting some sleep. I'll be used to not having as much sleep after a couple of nights but in the meantime I'll stick with my good friend, caffeine, who will help me through the day!

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