Friday, 20 September 2013

Busy Day!

Today is hubby's first day back at work after his accident.
I have quite mixed feelings about this.
On one hand it is great that he is well enough to go back to work and that me and the kids can get back into more of a routine.
On the other hand I miss him. It has been lovely having another pair of hands around the place and a second pair of eyes to watch the twins antics!
Today we are back to our normal school week routine. I have managed to whizz round getting jobs done and doing umpteen loads of washing while the weather is good.
But we have got 3 kiddies that are full of cold, which makes bad nights and grumpy twins. So I have had a trip to Tesco to stock up on vitamins, vapour rub and plug in vapouriser to help them sleep tonight. Goodness know both me and the hubby could also do with a good nights sleep.
As well as house jobs and ironing to catch up on I have got a couple of review posts to write, a couple of yummy recipes and I need to bake for Great Bloggers Bake Off.
My life if manic, but I love it!

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