Saturday, 7 September 2013

Arrr!! Boys!!

What is it with boys and mess?
Having to rant at Joseph is not my idea of a great start to the weekend. Last week I spent what felt like an eternity cleaning up Joseph's room. I threw away all the tut that he hoards and gave it a good thorough clear out.
Yesterday, he got sent home from school sick so he spent the day in his room resting, or so I thought.
This morning I went into his room and it looked like a whirl wind had whipped through his room scattering everything everywhere!
There were toys strewn on the floor, his bin was on its side, an empty smoothy carton was on the floor, it was a disaster zone!
Then we saw the bathroom mirror, it had loads of little white finger marks running down it, doors left open, towels on the floor, the whirl wind that is Joseph had also struck the bathroom.
Then I lost it!
I shouted him upstairs and demanded to know what had happened. All I got was a shrug and "I don't know"
Arrr!!!! Is he becoming a teenage early? All that was missing was the Kevin style "its so unfair!!!!'
How can he not know what happened?
He created this trail of destruction.
After my out burst he did tidy up his bedroom. I sorted the bathroom and he is under instructions to clear away all his toys that are outside too!
To try and combat this we are going back to the reward chart strategy. This has always worked a treat with Joseph!
We put on what his jobs are for the week and then every evening before bed, we check if they have  been done and if they are he gets a tick if not, its a cross. He then needs to have earned a certain number of ticks to get his pocket money. So fingers crossed we will have a lovely tidy room this week.
This is probably all of my fault for always running around after him. But before the twins arrived I had more time to and he was younger. I now feel that Joseph is at an age that he needs to have more responsibility and being responsible for the upkeep of his room is not too much to ask.
Boys will be boys and I am sure that today will not be the last time that we go over this. It is all part of growing up and I have to admit that my baby certainly is growing up!

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