Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spoke Too Soon - Bad Nights Sleep (or should I say lack of)

This morning it feels as though I jinxed our good nights sleep by bragging about how well the twins have been sleeping.
Last night they were not their usual tag team duo, they tortured us by working in unison!
We usually find that its either one or the other that's up but its rarely  both of them.
Isabella started at about 11:30pm and from then on I was up and down. At 2am I got her settled but as Id creep out she'd pop her head up to check if I was still there, sneaky little Miss! So I started to leave gradually and foolishly thought that she was fast asleep I did a quick dash to the toilet, which was a huge mistake! She must have looked up and seen I wasn't there and that was it, we had tears and the hubby was up. During the week I jump up as soon as either of them make a peep so they do not wake him up. Unfortunately for him Isabella had other ideas. As soon as she knows Daddy is around he is all she wants. So hubby lost some sleep too. Then it was Taylor's turn. Luckily when Taylor wakes up he tends to snuggle up and go back to sleep cuddled up, which he did. After an hour I got Taylor back in his cot and took Isabella off hubby so he could get some sleep. Well that was the plan anyway. I managed to get Isabella to settle after hearing her pull out her dummy and say "hi" various times. Then it was Taylor's turn again, as I had Isabella poor hubby had to get up to him.
So this morning when we woke up there were 4 in the bed, well 2 toddlers spread eagle in the middle of the bed and 2 parents half on and half off the ends of the bed. Co-sleeping with toddler twins is not the most comfortable way to spend the night.
Fingers crossed we get a break tonight!

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