Friday, 5 July 2013

Proud of all 3 of my kiddies & hubbys birthday

Wow what a busy day :-)
First of all I took the twins to little birthday party for my friends little girl who was 1. Because it was so hard to take the twins out on my own when they were small we always stayed relatively close to home and only really ventured out to my parents or to do a quick Tesco shopping trip. I always felt as if other 'singleton' mums would watch how I did and felt as if we were a circus act. But now the twins are bigger and my self confidence is coming back we have started to go out more and I've got to say I am feeling quite proud of myself! The twins are quite shy and often scream when people they don't know come up and talk to them so part of me was worried how they'd react today with a few strangers around and I have got to say they did so well! When they did start to panic, I picked them both up, one on each hip and took them outside into the garden for some lunch. At home they would have been all over the place but while we were out they both sat like little angels and had their lunch, I couldn't believe it. They really are coming on and I feel my confidence growing too :-)
Later in the day it was Joseph's turn to make me proud. At school he is part of the "Lighting of the Candle" group who take part in the church activities. Joseph goes to the village school which has very close links to the village church. Today was Joseph's first Community Service performance and he was brilliant! Joseph has never been one to speak confidently in public so i did wonder if he'd whisper his lines, but he stood there and clearly said his lines, we may have a little actor in the making :-)
So they are my proud mummy moments and just writing this has got me beaming with joy.
Today is also hubby's birthday! I have baked him a very yummy Kirsty Creation of a cake, Apple Crumble Cake. I know how he loves apple crumble and as its his birthday he needed a cake so I thought I'd mix to two together and hey presto we had a delicious cake.
Now the twins are in bed, I've now got the job of getting Joseph to bed and then me and the hubby can have a bit of chill out time before sleep beckons us. Early night tonight and we'll have a romantic date night tomorrow.

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