Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mummy & Taylor Time

After having the twins I soon discovered how hard it was dividing my time up to spend quality time with each child individually. So whenever I get the chance to enjoy some one to one time with any of them I feel very lucky and cherish the moments. Even when that time is a 5:50am!
Yes I have not made a typing error, that does say 5:50am!
This morning our early birds were wanting to get out of their cots at just gone 5 this morning. Once Taylor is awake it's time to get up, it's not very often he will snuggle up and go back to sleep, unlike his sister. So at 5:40 we were up. I was just going to get him his usual morning milk when I noticed that the milk had started to go bad, even though I only opened it yesterday and it was well in date! This is a nightmare as both kiddies love their morning milk. For once I was actually thankful that Taylor had woken up so early. So we got ready to go on a little outing at the crack of dawn for some milk, just me and my littlest boy!
We got dressed and off we went, I chatted and sang to him in the car and and when we went for the milk I gave had him all of my attention. It was half an hour that filled my heart with love.
When we got home hubby was up with Isabella and looking out of the window for us with a smile and a wave. Yes it is great spending individual time with the children but I certainly am at my happiness when I've got them all running around with my hubby by my side.

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