Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fresh Home Grown Vegetables

Yay!! We have had fresh home grown vegetables for tea this evening!!
It was so satisfying going down the garden and digging up some fresh potatoes and picking some baby courgettes from the plants. As soon as I had harvested these vegetables my mind went into cooking overdrive, thinking of new exciting dishes that I could prepare for my family. But then, as per usual, reality struck, who was I kidding I would never have time to create any of my ideas in the week while hubby is at work and I have the twins to feed and Joseph buzzing in and out. So all of my ideas will have to wait, but only for now, I will have the time, at some point!
This evening me and my hubby have been talking more about food that we want to grow. Eventually we want to have the end of our garden completely dug over for vegetables. We are lucky to have a long garden that already has the end third sectioned off by a hedge, this is to be our "food" section.
Self sufficiency, vegetable wise, here we come!

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