Thursday, 30 October 2014

World Vision's Night of Hope

World Vision are asking people to abandon a night of fear and replacing it with a Night of Hope this Halloween. Their campaign is to highlight that for some children it is a night of fear every night. With this post I hope to raise awareness of the hard work that World Vision do to help these poor children. This year World Vision are focusing on the children refugees of Syria.

Syria is in it's forth year of war and it has stolen the childhood of millions of children who have witnessed horrors that no one should see, let alone children. Their innocence has been stolen and replaced with fear. Fear for loosing family, fear for bombing and fighting, even fear of dying. For us, this is an unimaginable situation to be in, but for them it is a reality.

This Halloween please help World Vision make live a little easier for the children of Syria by visiting and supporting World Vision a Night of Hope.

Please, if you can, text Heart8 to 70060 to donate £5 to help the children of Syria.

Here is our pumpkin for a Night of Hope...

I hope that you will take part in this worthy campaign and carve a heart in your pumpkin this year.

Disclosure: No payment was received for this post. I have written it as I truly believe that World Vision is a worthy cause.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Alphabet Project - Y

Believe it or not Y was an easy one for me. One word stood out. That word is...

Yellow is a colour that I love to see. It is such a happy, vibrant colour. It always makes me feel warm and happy. Whenever I see yellow flowers I am drawn to them and their beauty. Yellow reminds me of a warm, sunny, summers day. It is never dull, but always cheerful!

That is why I have chosen Yellow as my Y word.

As always I am sharing with the lovely Podcast - Alphabet Project.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lapland Mailroom - A Letter From Santa

Christmas is certainly creeping up on us. My children are already planning their Christmas lists and the excitement is building.

The magic of Christmas evolves around Santa and what better way to truly start the festive season than with a personalised letter for your child.

Lapland Mailroom create beautiful, personalised letters for your children from Santa. We were lucky enough to receive some to review. For obvious reasons the children have not yet seen them, but as a parent, I am over the moon with them and cannot wait to see their faces when they see a letter arrive from Santa.

The letters come addressed directly to the children in white envelopes with a "From Santa" stamp on the top.

On the Lapland Mailroom website you are able to select from three styles of letter. This is a great way to make each letter more personal to each child. On the website you are able to view the letter as you proceed through the order so you can see what your child will receive. You can add details such as what your child would like for Christmas and about any siblings or friends. As well as the three personalised letters is a baby's first Christmas keepsake letter.

Lapland Mailroom are offering a free a free "Nice Child List" certificate with all orders for a limited time. This is a fantastic way to encourage and reward children for their good behaviour.

You are able to select from a letter only with a free Nice Child List or for just £1 more you can order a letter and activity pack with the free certificate. The activity pack will be perfect during the build up to Christmas to keep the children busy and occupied. The activity pack contains:

An A4 Santa Stop Here colouring in card

A Merry Christmas A5 Christmas card

An A4 activity card

2 A5 colouring in cut out activities
Lapland Mailroom post letters from Santa to children all over the world so visit their website and see for yourself. This Christmas I would thoroughly recommend ordering a magical letter from Santa.

Disclosure: I was sent letters and activity packs for the three children. No payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.