Monday, 27 February 2017

Syn Free, Gluten Free Pancakes!

Tomorrow is pancake day and if you are watching your weight it can be a day of temptation. But if you want to enjoy pancakes without the guilt then I have the answer! Since making my Banana Pancakes last week I have been experimenting with eggs and yogurt and trying a range of different ingredients and I kept coming back to the most simple way of making a guilt free pancake. 3 simple ingredients, eggs, sweetener and flavoured essence. These pancakes are sweet omelette's and they are so delicious!

The beauty of these pancakes is that they can be made using a wide range of flavoured essence. So far my favourite has to be vanilla and salted caramel. To make them even healthier you can top them with yogurt and super healthy fruit.

This is what I did...

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday Week 9 2017

Hello and welcome to week 9 of #MealPlanningMonday.

Unfortunately last week did not go as planned. On Monday morning, the twins birthday, Little I woke up being sick so we did not have our day out like we had planned to. This was our week until Thursday! Stuck in and having snuggles. But Friday was a great day. The hubby had the day off so we took the twins and J out for a belated birthday treat. They had a McDonald's and we went to visit Uncle Henry's farm shop. We recently discovered this fantastic shop and it has now become a favourite place to visit. The children had an ice cream, the hubby and I selected some cheese and even a bottle of gin! After a walk through the walled garden to the forest snowdrop walk and a play in the park it was time for home. Friday felt like spring was finally getting closer!

My previous loss of 1.5lbs was sadly put back on last week. This was thanks to copious amounts of cake, alcohol being consumed after manic half term days stuck in and not having our daily school run walk. But I am fine with that as I went knowing I would have put something on. Last Thursday I did get to the gym to complete my induction and now have a tailor made routine and Tuesday is when I am going to set some time aside to go and start getting my fitness improved. This will also help with my weight loss.

With regards to last weeks meals we had all but two of what was planned. As the hubby had Friday off we had a treat night and the other meal did not get made due to a manic day. This week we are back with healthy meals as what I put on will definitely be coming off at my next weigh in!

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Root Vegetables and Pearl Barley Broth with Crunchy Welly Ham Topping #ThriftyEats

As you will no doubt already know, I am all for saving money on our weekly shopping and love to create budget meals. When creating a new budget busting recipe it is essential that quality and flavour is not compromised. Just because you are being thrifty in the kitchen does not mean that your meals are going to lack on flavour or goodness!

So when I received an email from Welly Foods just after Christmas asking me if I would like to create a thrifty meal using some of their delicious, British ham or chicken I jumped at the chance as I knew that it would be perfect for the Hijacked By Twins ethos, good, wholesome food that does not cost the earth and what the whole family will love!

At this time of year soups and broths make a perfect meal, it is pure comfort in a bowl. Sitting in the warm with a bowl of soup and some freshly made bread, perfect. So with this in mind I got planning my recipe. I love to eat as seasonal as we can as this not only ensures we get vegetables while they are at their best but also helps to keep the prices down as seasonal vegetables tend to be cheaper to buy. At this time of year the root vegetables are definitely the stars of the season. When shopping for root vegetables most supermarkets sell great bags of mixed root that are often labelled as stew packs. That is what I have used for this broth, to bulk it out I have added super thrifty pearl barley and topped it with a crunchy ham topping.

This is what I did...

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Pancakes (Low FODMAP and Low Syn)

If there is one foodie event that we all love it has to be pancake day. What is there not to love? It is the one day that you can have as many pancakes that you want without feeling guilty! But with me following the Slimming World eating plan and the hubby having so much success with the FODMAP eating plan we really do not want to undo the hard work. This got me thinking as to how I can adapt the classic pancake into one that is not just healthier but also one that is going to keep everybody's tummies happy.

When I saw that this week Aldi had included bananas in their fantastic Super6 offer I got stocked up. Everyone loves bananas here so I knew that if I used them as the base for this years pancakes they would go down well and priced at just 69p I can buy plenty as once you have tried these pancakes you will need to make more!

This is what I did...

#CookBlogShare 2017 Week 8 - Plus 4 Perfect Mid Week Meals

Hello and welcome to week 8 of #CookBlogShare.

Yesterday was the twins 5th birthday. Unfortunately it did not go to plan as Little I was not very well. So we did not manage to get to the cinema as planned but we did get the hubby home in the afternoon so that did make up for it.

This week the children are on their half term holiday which makes meal times even more manic. When they are at school I have a bit more time to plan and cook so with this in mind I decided to focus on recipes that are perfect for a mid week meal. All of the recipes that I have chosen from week 7 of CookBlogShare are meals that the whole family would love and perfect for a busy evening. 

Here are my 4 favourite recipes from week 7 of #CookBlogShare...

Monday, 20 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday Week 8 2017

Hello and welcome to week 8 of #MealPlanningMonday!

This week is going to be a busy week as the children are on their half term holidays. Today is also the twins 5th birthday so it is going to be an exciting day for them. Yesterday we celebrated their birthday with family and today we will be going to see a film at the cinema as the hubby is at work. But we will be spending the day together as a family on Friday as he has the day off.

Last weeks meal plan was a success. There was a meal that was swapped as I forgot when I was planning our meals that Tuesday was Valentine's day so the hubby and I had Friday's steak dinner on Tuesday and changed Friday's dinner to a Slimming World curry night.

Last weeks Slimming World weigh in was not a huge loss but still a milestone of a loss. Last week I lost 1.5lbs which has finally taken me over the 2 stone mark! I have now lost a total of 29lbs and have reached a new number so I was delighted!

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Weekly Meal Plan - Week 8 2017

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese

As Monday is the twins birthday I will be making one of their favourite dinners, spaghetti bolognese and of course birthday cake!

Tuesday - Grilled Salmon, Jacket Potatoes and Vegetables

We have not had salmon in a while so I will be grilling some on Tuesday and serving it with jacket potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.

Wednesday - Gammon, Pineapple, Egg and SW Chips

I saw a picture of gammon and pineapple the other day and have wanted it ever since! So this week we will be having gammon with pineapple, fried eggs and Slimming World friendly chips.

Thursday - Slow Cooked Beef

While I was listing what we had in the freezer I found a joint of beef which I am planning to cook this week in my Pressure King Pro and served with potatoes, vegetables and dumplings.

Friday - Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas

I love fish and chips so we will be finishing the week with them. Also it is a great easy meal as I do not know what we will be doing on Friday yet.

Saturday - Homemade Burgers

I love homemade burgers and will be making some on Saturday to have with jacket potatoes and salad.

What do you have planned for the week? Are your children on half term or did they have last week off?

If you write a meal plan feel free to join in with the #MealPlanningMonday blog hop!

Hope you have a great week x

Hijacked By Twins

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