Thursday, 30 July 2015

Blogger Takeover with glo - The Results

Last Thursday glo challenged Emma from From Aldi to Harrods and I to swap blogs for the day. The catch was we had to swap with a contrasting blog. As you know my blog is food and family orientated. Whereas From Aldi to Harrods is all about how to make money and save money. Which is a completely different niche to what I usually write about!

Last week Emma wrote a recipe for Coconut Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Rice and I went back to what I know best, food, and hunted out the best offers that I could find in the supermarkets. You can read my supermarket money saving post here.

As any blogger will tell you, we are very protective over our little space on the internet and allowing someone else to take over for the day was a big thing for me. So it really was a challenge to put my trust in Emma and it must have been the same for her. But it was all about placing trust in each other, trusting that each other would write a post that would not let the other down. I, for one, was not disappointed in the recipe that Emma wrote for Hijacked By Twins. In fact it is a recipe that I would love to try!

Strawberries and Cream Cake

This year we have grown a lot of fruit plants to go in the fruit frame that the hubby built. Having the fruit frame has saved the fruits from the birds and has meant that we have had a lot more to harvest this year. The other week we had a so many strawberries to use and I knew that I wanted to used them in a bake.

This deliciously moist cake is full of juiced strawberries, maple syrup and raw honey, so not only are you getting some of your five a day but it is also made without using refined sugar!

This is what I did...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Smoked Fish Bake - Family Favourties

Fish has always been a favourite of mine and I love finding new ways to add more to our diets. The down side of wanting to eat more fish is the expense. I think that fish has certainly got more expensive. That is why I always keep an eye out in the supermarkets reduced section as the majority of the fresh fish can be frozen. It is also a great way to get stocked up. The other week when we were out I found a lot of fresh smoked fish reduced.

That is how this meal came about.

I had some lovely smoked salmon and smoked cod and wanted to make a dish that would be both easy and one that the whole family would enjoy.

This is what I did...

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Shiitake Mushroom, Kale and Bacon Spaghetti

I find that my children will eat just about any vegetable if it is combined with pasta or spaghetti. That is how this recipe came along.

We love to grow our own fruit and vegetables and have got a lot of kale that is ready for cutting. I knew that the children would not like it if I served it as a side vegetable, but if it was mixed in they would. When I went down to the vegetable patch to collect some kale I also got an onion, a garlic and a chilli for the meal.

This is such an easy meal to make that is full of flavour. I can see that this meal is going to be a favourite!

This is what I did...

Monday, 27 July 2015

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 27th July 2015

If I am honest I think that weekly meal planning during the holidays will help me to keep my sanity! It is already madness in the house but at least I know that I have meals under control!

The children broke up from school last Tuesday and since then I have been a bit all over the place. I have had to keep looking back on my meal plan which has been a huge help.

Last week I shared a mixture of recipes, cocktails and a foodie review. This is my round up of last weeks foodie posts...

this was also the post which has kicked off the new home of #CookBlogShare if you have any recipes please pop over and share!

#CookBlogShare Week 1 Round Up

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that joined in on the first CookBlogShare that I have hosted. Lucy did an amazing job establishing CookBlogShare, she really is going to be a hard act to follow but I hope, together, we can make her proud!

This week saw some delicious recipes and I enjoyed reading them all. But I had to pick four of my favourites and here they are...

The Domestic Gothess - Muesli Bread has made me want to get back to baking bread! We used to love muesli bread and this one looks like the perfect way to start the day!

One of my weaknesses in life has to be wine! I love a good bottle of wine with food. This post from Le Coin De Mel - Wine Pairing for Dummies in 30 Seconds or 3 Minutes is great for any wine and food lover. The wine pairing classes sound like a lot of fun, I want to go to one!

We have got a lot of rhubarb growing in the garden so this recipe Everyday Made Fresh - Strawberry and Rhubarb Creamsicles would be a great way to use some of it up and please the children at the same time!

Coconut and chocolate, what is there not to love? This breakfast treat Charlotte's Lively Kitchen - Coconut Chocolate Overnight Oats looks so delicious. I still have not tried overnight oats so I think that this recipe will be my first!

This week #CookBlogShare is hosted by Snap Happy Bakes. We are both looking forward to seeing what delicious recipes you have to share!