Thursday, 25 August 2016

Forza - Shake It Slim

You may remember that in the past I have written posts about how I want to loose weight and suddenly stopped. Today I thought that I would tell you why I stopped writing them and what has changed.

I have mentioned before that I once suffered with eating disorders but, thankfully now, they are behind me. This came with finding my inner peace and happiness. But finding my body confidence did not come as easy and I have been trying to loose weight again. But I have one problem. I like to eat, I like my food, come on, I am a foodie blogger, I need to love food to write passionately about it. Before I decided to put my calorie counting, not eating, rigid diets behind me I was asked if I would like to try some shakes to which I agreed. So when the Forza Supplements Shake It Slim shakes arrived I was curious to what they were like as I was wanting to trim up a bit ready for our holiday.

The starter pack contains all the shakes that you will need for one week, 14 shakes. There are two ways to use the shakes:
  • Replace 2 meals with shakes
  • Replace 1 meal with shakes
The 2 meal replacement is for weight loss while the 1 meal replacement is for weight maintenance. I decided to have just the one shake for breakfast. I am truly awful at having breakfast. I often find that I am too busy and simply forget about the most important meal of the day. This is how Shake It Slim has helped me. I have been having a shake in the morning as my breakfast and kicking my metabolism into action!

The shakes mix up easily and create a smooth drink. I have tried other powder shakes in the past and have found some of them to be difficult to get a smooth drink without using a powerful blender. But Shake It Slim shakes mix with the water using just a shaker cup.

Each shake contains just 204 calories as well as 22 different vitamins and minerals to promote good health. They come in three delicious flavours, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

After having a shake at breakfast followed by healthy meals have I lost any weight?

To be honest, I do not know. I have stopped stepping on the scales. Instead I am going by how my body feels and how my body looks. I definitely feel less bloated and am not snacking as I was when I missed a breakfast meal or shake. If this is thanks to the shakes or thanks to eating a healthy balanced diet you decide. I will admit that I am swaying to the healthy eating option but if you do not have time to sit and have a meal these shakes give you the perfect and healthy option. If you want to loose weight the best way to do it is by exercising and eating healthily.

Now that I have said goodbye to the fad diets I feel stronger in myself. For the first time ever I am accepting how my body shape has changed since having the twins and that it is now part of me. When I don't eat or am stressing over calories I am so miserable and moody. I don't want to feel like that. I want to feel happy and my body needs to eat healthily for both my physical and mental well being. Also have a daughter! I do not want her to think that she needs to be obsessed with dieting as I once was. We all need to show our children that having a healthy balanced diet is essential and that you can enjoy a piece of cake or some chocolate in moderation. We need to stop showing our girls how our bodies should look according to the media. We are all different, we all have different shapes, there is no "perfect figure" and we need to embrace our bodies as they are! This may not be the review that you were expecting but I am being honest. They are nice drinks, they probably do help you loose weight if you have more will power than I do but they are just not for me and I do not want to be hypocritical and tell you something I do not believe in.

If you would like to try the Shake It Slim starter pack it retails at £25.99 and is available at Boots and Holland and Barrett. Or you can order directly from Forza and pay £18.99.

Disclosure: I received a Forza Shake It Slim for the purpose of this post. All words, views and opinions are my own and 100% honest. No cash payment was received.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

#PowerofFrozen and Kids in the Kitchen - Chocolate Eclair Ice Cream Sundae

Now that it is coming to the end of the summer holidays, the kids are starting to get bored and us parents need new ways to keep them occupied. If there is one thing that all three of the kids love it is spending time in the kitchen either helping to prepare their lunches or baking.

When Iceland challenged me to come up with a recipe that the children can help with I knew that a dessert would go down a treat with them all. I don't know about you, but our plans often change depending on the weather, if I have work to be done and what the kids want to do on that day. So having fresh foods can often lead to waste if we get busy doing something else. But when buying frozen foods you know that if you need a last minute activity for the kids or they simply come and say they want to make something you know you have got the ingredients in.

J and I went shopping to our local Iceland to pick up some supplies. As we have had some gloriously warm days we decided to make an ice cream dessert. There are so many different ice creams to choose from. Iceland stock their original ice creams in vanilla, Neapolitan and raspberry ripple. They also have some delicious Italian gelato ice cream in cherry ripple, vanilla and caramel swirls. To go with the ice creams there was a wide choice of toppings and additions!

We decided to go for their Bellissima Chocolate Italian Gelato. This ice cream comes with three irresistible flavours in one, white chocolate flavoured ice cream with white chocolate flavoured ripple, chocolate and cocoa flavoured ice cream with chocolate flavoured ripple and lastly hazelnut and chocolate flavour ice cream with hazelnut and chocolate flavour ripple.

In the end we decided to get the following ingredients...

Today we are going to show you a super easy, delicious sweet treat that not only the kids will love but is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. As much as we all love a good old hot pudding and custard it just won't do in the summer, plus I wanted this to be a safe and easy recipe for the kids to be fully hands on without the worry of the oven. Plus my kids are not very good at waiting for things to bake, like most children when they want something they want to be able to enjoy it as soon as they can. What is even better is that this recipe requires no preparation. You simply need to defrost the eclairs for 30 minutes and then let them go!

This is what we did...

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Aldi's Quick and Easy Fajita Dinner Kit

As much as I love cooking all of our meals from scratch, sometimes I want to have a quick and easy meal that doesn't take too long. When I was shopping in Aldi the other week I spotted their Quick and Easy Fajita Dinner Kits. We love Mexican food and it really is a favourite meal of ours.

The Fajita Dinner Kit is priced at just £1.25 and each box contains:
  • 8 flour tortillas
  • 125g tomato salsa
  • 30g fajita seasoning
All that you need to add is 450g of beef or chicken and 300g of vegetables. 

Today I am going to tell you how I got on making beef enchiladas using this kit. This is what I did...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - The Carnival Cruise Edition

This weeks meal plan is certainly going to be the most exciting meal plan that I have written to date. This weeks meal plan is brought to you via Carnival Vista!

Finally, our holiday with Carnival has arrived and I cannot wait to tell you all about the foodie delights that can be found on board Vista. Being their Foodieseeker Blogger gives me the perfect excuse to explore what food there will be on offer.

This week we have got some meals pre booked which I will tell you about in my meal plan. The other days we will be quite spontaneous and decide what to eat when meal time arrives. I am looking forward to having a week off from cooking and house work. It is going to be lovely having someone else do all of the hard work for me!

I have written a list of restaurants that we would like to visit. I just hope that we manage to visit them all! Check out the list:
  • Seafood Shack
  • Blue Iguana Cantina (Mexican cuisine)
  • Gut's Burger Joint
  • Lido Buffet
  • Horizons Dining
  • Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ
  • Bonsai Sushi
  • Mongolian Wok
  • Pizzaria del Capitano
  • Room Service
Last week we visited the Italian speciality restaurant Cucina del Capitano and Ji-Ji Asian Kitchen which I will be telling you all about once we are home.

This is what we will be enjoying this week thanks to Carnival...

Friday, 19 August 2016

#FoodieseekerFriday - Our Carnival Journey So Far and Expectations!

Over the last eleven months we have been counting down to our holiday on board Carnival Vista and now the time for us to enjoy this amazing vessel has arrived. For today's Foodieseeker Friday I thought that I would look back over the last eleven months and reflect on our Carnival journey so far.

Back in June 2015 I met the lovely Carnival team while at my first BritMums Live conference in London. I nearly did not apply to be an ambassador as I honestly believed that I would not get selected. But on the second day of the conference I went and had a look and after speaking to Carnival's Lucy I decided to have a go, at the end of the day I had nothing to loose, did I! So I filled in the application form and kind of forgot about it. That was until I received an email that had had the title of...

"Winner! Carnival Cruise Line Fun Seeking Family Competition"

I sat down before opening the email. I simply could not believe that we had been selected as their Foodieseeker Family! Keeping it a secret was so hard but I was over the moon when I could finally make the big announcement on my blog. At that time Vista was still being built and we had the pleasure of following her development. Watching Carnival's videos on their You Tube channel as the development progressed have only added to our excitement. It has been a privilege to watch her go from the ship building yard to water, from completion to her launch.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Red Cabbage and Radish Slaw

Summer time barbecue and a good coleslaw go hand in hand. Homemade coleslaw is so quick and easy to make and can be made according to taste.

When I make a coleslaw I try to add some extra vegetables to the mix. This not only makes the slaw even better for you but adds so much more flavour.

Today's recipe is for a favourite combination of mine and has a fantastic colour too! This dish is perfect for a summers meal al fresco.

This is what I did...