Monday, 28 July 2014

Alphabet Project - K

This weeks picture has been taken by my hubby as my K this week is...


This is me, stay at home mum to Joseph (9), Isabella and Taylor (2) and housewife to hubby.

As you'll know I love to cook and bake. After hating food and suffering with anorexia and bulimia in the past I now enjoy my food and have a passion for it.

After spending 7 years living abroad I am now very much a home bird. I do not venture far without my loved ones by my side. But I am getting more adventurous with a certain trip to London next year already booked!

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Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 28th July 2014

As I spent the majority of last week in hospital the meal plan did not go to plan!

I did make the spinach and ricotta pasta which was lovely and featured as my Cheap Budget Meal last week.

This week's meals will be quite easy meals as I am getting tired quickly and with the glorious weather I really do not want to be in a hot kitchen for too long!

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 28th July 2014

Beef and Courgette Lasagne

This meal is a bit of a trial. I am currently trying to find new ways of using courgettes as we have been inundated with delicious home grown courgettes. I am going to thinly slice the courgettes and use them as the lasagne layers instead of pasta sheets.

Cumin Crusted Lamb Steaks

I will be topping lamb steaks with whole cumin seeds and grilling. This will be served with roasted peppers, onions and courgettes with couscous.

Mushroom Bolognese Pasta

I will be making a Bolognese sauce using chestnut mushrooms.

Pan Fried Basa

I will pan fry white fish with a drizzle of lemon juice and sea salt and serve with sweet potato chips and mushy peas.

Roast Pork

Whilst we were shopping the hubby picked up a lovely pork joint that is seasoned with sea salt. We will have this with new potatoes and summer vegetables or salad.

I am only planning 5 meals this week as we often decide on the day what we fancy on Saturdays. But if the weather continues as it is we will probably be making the most of it and having a barbecue.

Have a lovely week x

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meal planning monday.png

Sunday, 27 July 2014

21st July - 27th July 2014 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

Well this week has certainly been eventful!

The summer holidays have not started as we had expected, however it will get better!

This is our week in pictures...

Monday 21st July 2014

Monday was red hot so I got the paddling pool out for the twins to cool down. They loved it so much more than I had expected! Taylor stood there and threw buckets of water all over himself while Isabella stood giggling at him.

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

We had more paddling pool fun on Tuesday and the twins blew bubble to their Grandma and Gramps. Isabella does keep asking where Mamar is so I have told her that she is a bright star and that she can blow bubbles to her instead of kisses.
Tuesday night was what we were not expecting. On Tuesday night I started getting excruciating pain in my abdomen. I tried gritting my teeth and getting on with it but in the end I had to admit to the hubby that something was not right. He rang my mum and dad to come and be with the children and he rushed me to hospital. I was quickly given some morphine to kill the pain and was told that I had appendicitis. I was placed on the operating list for the following day.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

On Wednesday afternoon my appendix was removed via keyhole surgery. Wednesday went by in a blur of pain, drugs and anaesthetic. The one thing that did put me at ease was my surgery was performed in the same theatre that the twins were delivered in! I immediately recognised the room before the operating theatre.

Thursday 24th July 2014

Thursday was another painful day. As I had keyhole surgery they had pumped my body full of gas and this gas was lingering about in my chest. This made just breathing painful. Joseph came to visit me in the evening and entertained himself with the oxygen mask that he found.

Friday 25th July 2014

On Friday my pain was starting to ease and I was discharged! It was lovely to be back home with the hubby and my children. I had missed all of them so much.

Saturday 26th July 2014

On Saturday I was proud to add this picture to my blog! I am over the moon to have been selected to be part of the Center Parcs Family Blog Club. We are all extremely excited to be visiting the Sherwood Forest Resort at the end of November to experience their Winter Wonderland.

Sunday 27th July 2014

My Silent Sunday.

Hope you have a great week x

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