Friday, 18 August 2017

Camping King Prawn Pasta & Holiday Adventures!

Last week we went on our first camping holiday. This is something that I have been looking forward to. Getting the kids (and me!) away from the television, away from the internet and just going back to basics a bit more. But what I was most looking forward to was cooking camping style. We went armed with a two ring gas stove and a couple of pans. I did take some food with us so that we did not need to go shopping straight away and took non perishable foods such as pasta, rice and tinned food. One meal that I knew that I would make would be one that uses fresh fish. I adore fish of all sorts and as we were staying just outside of Bridlington on the East Yorkshire coast so I knew exactly where I could find some. Next to the harbour is a little shop that sells fish that has been brought in fresh from the fishing boats. But before I tell you all about my recipe let me tell you a bit about our holiday!

There really is something soothing about being by the sea and we ventured down to the seafront for walks on all but one of the days that we were there. The children (and the hubby and I) loved walking, paddling and exploring. By the end of the day I was shattered but the kids were full of energy, I simply do not know where all of their energy came from. One day when it was just the kids and I (the hubby had to work for part of the week) we used the park and ride to go into the centre of Bridlington. This is where the stunning harbour is. When we arrived the tide was out and the children were fascinated by how the tide came in and out. As you can see on the picture above when we went in the evening the tide was in. This was the twins first UK seaside holiday and I relished in showing them how beautiful our country is, especially along the coastline.
Visiting the harbour gave the children the opportunity to learn where our seafood comes from. Yes, they know that fish comes from the sea, but visiting the harbour allowed them to see the traps that go in the sea and to see the boats that collect the fish for us to eat. We decided that king prawns were what we wanted to eat on that day and I had an idea how I would cook them. So we sourced some fresh ingredients from a local greengrocers and returned to the tent for a feast.

This is what I did...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Loving the Outdoors

Going camping last week made me realise how much I love the outdoors and nature. One of my favourite ways to relax while away, admittedly it was when the children were in bed, was just looking up at the sky. We often do not take the time to look up and admire the beauty that is always there.

Since returning home I have found myself missing being outside and have noticed a drop in my moods and a rise in my anxiety and combined with stir crazy children this has not been a good mixture. Over the weekend J asked me if I would go outside at watch the meteor shower. On the first night it was too cloudy but thankfully the following night it was lovely and clear. We were stood, looking up for so long we got neck ache, so we ventured down to the bottom of the garden to sit back and enjoy the show. Well, I say show, but we only saw one shooting star but it was spending time with J that I enjoyed most of all. I wish it was lovely enough to do this all year round. It was so relaxing just looking up at the sky but we cannot rely on the great British weather to do this all year round.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Charlie Bighams - A perfect Meal for Two or More!

Last year I wrote a post about the Charlie Bigham's ready meals and since then they have become more widely available and we have tried even more of the delectable dishes. So when I was asked if I would like to share some more meals with you I knew I could not say no.

Until we tried Charlie Bigham's ready meals we had been a bit fussy with the ready meals that we had. In fact we rarely had them. We are passionate about good quality meals and getting pre-prepared meals that use quality ingredients can often be tricky. But Charlie Bigham's use carefully sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers and each recipe has been hand crafted by their top chefs.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

CookBlogShare 2017 Week 33 - Plus 4 Deliciously Tempting Bakes

Hello and welcome to week 33 of #CookBlogShare!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer break so far. Last week we ventured on our first camping trip which, up until we had 36 hours of non stop rain, we thoroughly enjoyed. I have to admit that my favourite part of the trip was experimenting with camping meals. After having some successful meals I have some lovely recipes to share over the next couple of weeks and plenty of ideas floating around my head! Here is a little taster of what is coming!

Anyway now onto CookBlogShare. Last week the linky was hosted by Jacqui at Recipes Made Easy who shared a delicious round up of pork and bacon recipes. If you missed them pop over and take a look. At the moment I have definitely got a sweet tooth and am loving bakes, so it was no surprise that, for me, the sweet bakes stood out. Here are my 4 favourite bakes from week 32 of #CookBlogShare...

Friday, 11 August 2017

Banana and Date Loaf

Not many people like getting really ripe bananas. But I love them as it means they are perfectly ripe for baking! I even look on the reduced section and whenever there are any there I stock up. They are also delicious frozen then blended into an ice cream, but that is another blog post!

This recipe has become a firm favourite. The banana makes it a lovely moist cake while the dates give it a toffee like flavour. Combined together you get a banoffee style loaf which is great as it is or with a layer of butter.

This is what I did...

Monday, 7 August 2017

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday Week 32 The Camping Edition!

Hello and welcome to week 32 of #MealPlanningMonday!

This weeks meal plan is a little different to normal as this week we are going back to basics and are camping! This is our first ever camping trip so I think that having some meals planned is a necessity. I have brought some non perishable foods with us such as pasta sauces, wraps, tins and packet mixes. I am planning to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables as we go and hope to find a lovely farm shop near by. But to help the week go smoothly I have come prepared to make the following meals.

For the first part of the holiday I will have the hubby with us so meal times will be easier as we will either eat out or we will prepare the meal together, but during the week the hubby has to work so it is just me and the kids so all of the meals need to be kiddie friendly, easy and fun meals we can all dig into! I have tried out a couple of meals using just two pans as that is all I will have. I am nervous but so excited to try something that is completely new and back to basics!

This is what we will be feasting on while camping...