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I am a PR friendly blogger who writes reviews and sponsored posts as well as my own content. I love to try new products and experimenting with new ingredients. The services that I provide are:
  • Sponsorship posts
  • Reviews
  • Freelance writing
  • Social media management
  • Product promotion
  • Recipe development

Here are just a few of the companies and brands that I have worked with in the past or am currently working with...

  Image result for knorr logo
Image result for schwartz logoCirio Tomato:

 Lakeland Main Logo
DegustaboxImage result for ao logo
Image result for pressure king pro logo

Image result for beer 52 logoImage result for organix logo

Image result for iceland logo Image result for Gousto logo

Image result for hello fresh logo

My social media following (June 2017) is as follows:

Facebook - 703
Twitter - 3,516
Instagram - 1,699
Pintrest - 791
Google+ - 376
Linkedin - 382

For current statistics please email me at

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  1. Wow you are lucky - you get to be involved with all these fab companies :)


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