Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Raspberries and Cream - 1 Basic Recipe, 2 Decadent Desserts

Raspberries are such a great fruit for adding a hit of flavour to desserts. As soon as the sunny weather comes the hot, comforting puddings are swiftly replaced with fruity desserts. I have to admit, I cannot resist a creamy fruity dessert hence why today's post contains not one, but two raspberry desserts!

Both recipes use the same basic recipe but used in two different ways you have two delicious alternative desserts. This makes dessert preparation so easy, especially when entertaining and you have guests who have different preferences, or as in our case, children who like different desserts!

For adults, Manchester Gin's raspberry infused gin added to the raspberry coulis makes these desserts an exquisite treat! When you pair the sharp flavours from the raspberries with a creamy cheese sauce you are left with a truly indulgent dessert.

This is what I did...

Raspberries and Cream Desserts


200g raspberries
250g full fat cream cheese or dairy free alternative
250g mascarpone cheese or dairy free alternative
75g icing sugar
Amaretti biscuits or gluten free alternative
Brandy snap baskets
Manchester Gin raspberry infused gin (optional)
1tbsp raspberry sauce

Method for the basic recipe

1 - Place 150g of raspberries in a bowl and gently crush with a fork

2 - Add the raspberry sauce and gin if you are using it and mix thoroughly

3 - Mix the cream cheese with the mascarpone cheese

4 - Sift the icing sugar into the cream cheese mixture and mix thoroughly

You now have the two basic ingredients for the desserts.

Method - Upside Down Raspberry Amaretti Cheesecake

1 - To make these individual desserts spoon a layer of the raspberry coulis into a glass dish

2 - Top with a layer of the sweet creamy cheese mixture

3 - Crush 4 amaretti biscuits on the top of each dish and there you have quick and easy mini upside down raspberry amaretti cheesecakes

Creamy Raspberry Brandy Snap Baskets

1 - Take a brandy snap basket and place some fresh raspberries in the nest

2 - Spoon in the creamy cheese mixture

3 - Finish with a drizzle of the raspberry compote and top with a fresh raspberry

There you have it, one basic recipe used in two delicious ways!

Enjoy x

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  1. I've only started eating rasberries this year! These look amazing x

  2. I'd be happy with either of these two desserts although my favourite would probably be the upside down cheesecake. I love how you've used some of the same ingredients but created 2 quite different options!


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