Monday, 2 April 2018

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday 2018 Week 14

Hello and welcome to week 14 of #MealPlanningMonday!

Yay! It is now the Easter holidays. I had a week and a half off blogging but now that I have got going again I realise that I have missed it. For me blogging has always been a way for me to get things and ideas out of my head. There is something so therapeutic about writing. This week's meal plan is full of meals that I know I am going to have time to cook, unlike when I am at work.

On Friday we are going to be leaving my mother in law, who has been living with us until the sale of her house goes through, and going up to the stunning Northumberland for a week away with my parents. This is a part of the country that I love, it is such a beautiful part of the country that is so unspoiled. We will be staying in Bamburgh and one thing I am looking forward to is walks along the perfect coastline with the castle in my view. To make next weeks meals easier and cheaper my mum and I are going to do an online order so that we can get the groceries delivered, which will save us taking a lot of food with us, to save us doing a big shop once we get there. Next weeks meal plan will be full of easy meals that can be made while on holiday so keep an eye put for that!

Now onto this weeks meal plan. This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 2nd April 2018

Monday - Leftover Lamb Pie

I am confident that there will be some lamb leftover from Easter Sunday so I am planning to make a good, comforting lamb pie which I will serve with potatoes and vegetables.

Tuesday - Chicken Pesto Pasta

When I did an Ocado order the other week they had some Jamie Oliver pesto and pasta on offer so naturally I had to get a couple of different ones! This week we will be having the walnut and red pepper pesto with some chicken, pasta and salad.

Wednesday - Quorn and Bean Pie

On Wednesday I am going to make a cottage pie style dinner using quorn and adding some beans so that it is a kind of cowboy hotpot dinner. Comforting, healthy and satisfying!

Thursday - Salmon Pie

When we went shopping in Morrison's over Easter they had some salmon on offer. I managed to buy a whole salmon for just £13.95! When I got home I managed to cut it into 9 fillets and a bag of bits of salmon that will be perfect for a pie. I am planning on making a white parsley sauce and adding some vegetables before topping with either potatoes or pastry.

Friday - Holiday!

Yay! On Friday we journey up to Northumberland. To make our first meal easy we are taking some pizzas and salad with us for the first evening. We have also done an order with Tesco that will be delivered that evening. This saves us a lot of valuable space in the car as we used to shop before we left and packed food from home. But when you are taking things for 5 people the car quickly gets full.

I am not planning anything for the weekend as it will depend on what we are doing and where we are but I have a feeling that we will be eating out on Sunday.

I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday!

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Today I brought some ideas for leftovers for your holiday Ham, a Chicken Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Wreath, and my newest dessert, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Enjoy your week!


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