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My Little Sous-Chef Tandem Cookbook Review

All of my children love to help me cook. Whether it is baking a cake or preparing a dinner they always want to be involved. Cooking is such a valuable life skill for our children to learn and a fantastic way to teach them about cooking and eating a healthy diet.

When My Little Sous-Chef asked if I would like to try their cookbook I jumped at the chance. My Little Sous-Chef is not your regular cookbook, it is the first tandem cookbook. You get two cookbooks, one for the grown ups and one for the children. Both books feature the same recipes, the grown ups book contains the detailed recipes and mouthwatering pictures whereas the children's cook is full of easy step by step instructions that are accompanied by fun drawings.

The cookbooks are divided into three scrumptious chapters:
  • Have a Bite - 7 recipes for lunches, light bites, buffet food, including sausages rolls, focaccia, pizza muffins and cheese crackers
  • Enjoy your Meal - 13 main meal recipes including bean tacos, gnocchi, spinach ravioli and fishballs
  • Yay, Dessert! - 10 irresistible sweet treats including apple roses, cheesecake, tiramisu and brownies
When it came to asking what the children wanted to make they selected so many different recipes. In the end we settled for Rocky Road. This is an all time favourite, who doesn't love biscuits with marshmallows all combined with chocolate? It is a winner in my book! Plus it is an easy recipe to start with. Little I has already said that she wants to make some spinach ravioli and rosemary focaccia! I can see that we will be using these books a lot in the future.

This is how we got on making the Rocky Road recipe from My Little Sous-Chef...

I love the fun, simplistic instructions that are illustrated in the children's cookbook. I weighed out all of the ingredients with the help of the children then we followed the step by step instructions. We found that the children's book made the method more interesting and easier to follow for the twins.

It is the little added extras in the children's book that I really love. At the top of each recipe it tells them to wash their hands, tie back their hair, put on an apron and roll up their sleeves. The twins, who are now 6, particularly loved following these steps. Little I enjoyed telling me that I also needed to tie my hair back before we could begin!

In the adults book there are steps for your little sous-chef to follow. While I was melting the butter and dark chocolate the twins had fun breaking up the biscuits!

Even my eldest, who is 13, joined in but he followed the adult book.

When it came to mixing all of the ingredients the twins loved taking it in turns to stir the chocolate into the dried mix. We did add some extra raisins to the mix and used Hobnob biscuits instead of rich tea. We also sprinkled over some dried raspberry powder to the top!

The hard part of the recipe was waiting for the rocky road to set!

The Verdict

We all LOVE this book! Cooking is a fantastic pastime for any family and installs invaluable life skills into the kids! We have already taken requests to cook the spinach ravioli and rosemary focaccia. I can honestly see this becoming a family favourite cookbook and I sincerely hope that My Little Sous-Chef bring out more cookbooks just like this one! 

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My Little Sous-Chef tandem cookbook is available to buy now! For £22 you get the two tandem cookbooks that contain 30 delicious recipes to be cooked and enjoyed by the whole family, plus free delivery! You can get your copy here and can even download a free recipe to try for yourselves.

Enjoy x

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the My Little Sous-Chef tandem cookbook for the purpose of this review. No cash payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. I may have to try My Little Sous Chef out with my youngest. None of our kids have shown the least bit of interest in cooking, unfortunately, but I hope that this book will make the littlest one more excited about it!

  2. I love the sound of this and both my children love helping out in the kitchen, mainly with sweet recipes. I do like the sound of the raspberry powder on the top of the rocky road - It must make it really tasty!

  3. What an interesting concept It looks fabulous. I wrote a couple of books on cooking for and/or with kids when my boys were young. I would have loved to have done it to this format.

  4. What a lovely book! Or rather books...I love the idea of having a separate book for the kids and grown-ups. My two are 7 and 9 and find adult cookery books a little hard to follow. This would be just perfect. Eb x

  5. What a lovely idea for little ones (although I think Miss GF is a little beyond it now!). Miss GF had recipe card boxes designed for kids which she loved..... She pretty much develops her own recipes these days! Anything that get's kids into the kitchen is worth its weight..... SO important for them to have an interest in and to learn to cook the food they eat. x


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