Monday, 22 January 2018

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday 2018 Week 4

Hello and welcome to week 4 of #MealPlanningMonday.

What a manic week we have just had! I have been struggling all week waiting for my new glasses, which I have finally got. Yay! On top of that I had a busy week at work, a sicky twin, being mum's taxi and a health scare for the hubby. All in one week! As you can imagine we are pleased that it is the weekend.

Last weeks meal plan was a bit of a flop. We did have a lovely leftover chicken dinner and the chilli con carne but that was all. Life took over and I did need easier meals and even an Indian takeaway. But this happens some weeks. This week and onwards our meals are having to change a little but not in a bad way. The hubby has recently found out that his cholesterol level is too high and after writing about National Cholesterol Month last November I know how serious this is. So from now on gone are processed meats, such as sausages which will be replaced with soya alternatives, any full fat dairy, animal fats and fatty meats. I do always ensure that meats that we have are all lean and if there is any fat on it I do cut it off but I will be keeping an even closer eye on what I buy. After reading into it more on HeartUK I can make a few simple changes which will make a big difference. By having more fruit, vegetables and wholegrain starch and replacing saturated fats with healthy unsaturated fats. By following these steps his cholesterol level could be reduced by 5 - 10%! I will be adding more cholesterol lowering foods into our meals. HeartUK have got a fantastic plan called ULCP, Ultimate Lowing Cholesterol Plan, which consists of 4 groups of foods:
  • Soya Foods
  • Nuts - unsalted and unsweetened
  • Oat and Barley Beta-Glucans such as porridge oats, oatcakes, pearl barley, brown rice and wholegrain breads
  • Foods fortified with plant sterols/stanols such as dairy free drinks, plant based spread and yogurts
Thankfully we like these foods so they should not be too hard to incorporate into our diets. The changes will not only benefit the hubby but will give us all a boost!

This is what we will be enjoying this week...
Week Commencing 22nd January 2018

Monday - Sweet Potato Risotto

Instead of using arborio rice I will be using brown rice and adding some green vegetables. I will be adding a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds once I have dished up the hubby's plate.

Tuesday - Sausage and Fennel Bake

Instead of using meat sausages I will be using soya alternatives.

Wednesday - Fish Pie

I will be topping this fish pie with a naturally creamy celeriac mash.

Thursday - Turkey Keema Curry HAGGIS!!!

This is a recipe that I found on HeartUK but they use chicken mince. I will be using turkey mince as I have already got some in the freezer.
*Update* I forgot that Thursday is Burn's Night so it would be rude not to have haggis, neeps and tatties!

Friday - Italian

On Friday I am going to get some nice wholegrain pasta which will be served with a ragu, roasted garlic and antipasti side dishes.

As for the weekend I plan closer to the time.

What have you got planned? Do you meal plan? If so feel free to join in with the #MealPlanningMonday blog hop!

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  1. Thank you for hosting. I linked my Weight Watchers Veggie Soup, an Amish Pasta Salad and very Berry Pancakes for that weekend brunch. I hope you enjoy them! Have a happy week! #OverTheMoon #WWBlogHop #ThursdayFavoriteThings

  2. I am still trying to get mine to eat wholegrain pasta - my husband is the worse!

  3. Gosh! What a time you have been having. I hope things are all good now. Good luck with the change in your diet. It sounds like you have a great week of meals planned. x

  4. Thanks for hosting Kirsty! So glad you got your glasses. Sorry to hear about your Husband. I hope the new diet helps xx

  5. What a hard time! Sorry to hear about your Hubby, but with simple changes, hopefully you can combat it.

  6. I wish I was organised like you and planned my meals! High cholesterol is a serious thing no doubt about it, but thank goodness making changes to your diet can make a difference:)


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