Monday, 16 October 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Plus Week 3 of National Cholesterol Month

Wow the weeks are flying by! I cannot believe that we are half way through National Cholesterol Month with Heart UK!

I have to admit that last week I was exhausted most of the week, but I think that this is due to a manic week at work, being hormonal and just feeling run down. I feel like my body is fighting off some germs so needed a bit more rest. But despite that my steps have stayed up and I am confident that I will get my 100 miles during October.

Last weeks meal plan went well until I started feeling run down and I did slip into quick and easy freezer meals, which I know is not great if eaten everyday. But every once in a while I think is fine.

In my meal planning post last week I gave you a sneak peek of one of my lunches that used some leftovers. Well you can now see the whole recipe for my Alioli Fish Feast and check out a new giveaway that I have got running where you can win a lovely box of wine from Le Petit Ballon! I know that alcohol is not good if drunk in large quantities and Heart UK have got some fantastic alcohol tips, but if drunk in moderation then the odd glass of wine is ok. Life is all about having a good balance.

Without a doubt my favourite lunch this week had to be this John West Creations pouch. It was a bowl full of tuna with wild rice and lentils in an Indian style sauce and it was AMAZING! It was so handy to chuck in my lunch bag in the morning and only took a minute and a half to heat up in the microwave. I cannot wait to try some of the other Creations in the range!

This week I am looking forward to trying some of the John West Infusions, particularly the tuna infused in basil and olive oil. I have a feeling it is going to be so good in a pasta dish, so keep an eye out for a recipe later in the week!

On to this weeks steps. This week I have managed to complete:

Monday 09/10/17 - 3.47 miles
Tuesday 10/10/17 - 3.86 miles
Wednesday 11/10/17 - 3.14 miles
Thursday 12/10/17 - 4.28 miles
Friday 13/10/17 - 4.18 miles
Saturday 14/10/17 3.29 miles
Sunday 15/10/17 - 2.94 miles

Total for week 2 of 100 Mile Challenge = 25.16 miles

Total so far = 54.51
45.49 miles to go!

As long as I keep on going as I am I should be ok. The only barrier that I have got is half term. During half term my steps always go down so I know that the final week will certainly be a challenge.

Now on to this weeks meal plan...

Week Commencing 16th October 2017

Monday - Tuna Basil Pasta

On Monday I am planning to use the John West Infusions tuna in basil for a pasta dish. Fingers crossed I will share with you the recipe!

Tuesday - Chicken and Mushroom Pie

When I was doing my shopping last week I saw some delicious pies reduced so we will be having them on Tuesday served with jacket potatoes and vegetables.

Wednesday - Fish Pie

Over the weekend we went out for lunch so did not have the fish pie as planned so we will be having it this week. Fish pie is a great way to get a portion of oily fish!

Thursday - Ginger Beef

This is another meal that I am looking forward to this week. It is a meal that I have seen in my Jamie Oliver book. Beef cooked in ginger served with pak choi.

Friday - Easy Treat Night

Fridays have become an easy dinner night. Plus on Friday I finish work for the half term so will be ready for some lazy days!

As always I am going to plan the weekend closer to the time as it always changes!

Hope you have a great week and don't forget to share your meal plan with the #MealPlanningMonday blog hop!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon...
    Tuna has got so fancy! I love the sound of the chilli & garlic one.
    The Ginger Beef sounds delicious! x

  2. Hope this week is better.

    Well done on the steps - that's fabulous, almost there!

    Love your meal plan - I must try the creations by John West, I love tuna!


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