Monday, 9 October 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Plus Week 2 of National Cholesterol Month

We are now on week 2 of the National Cholesterol Month and I have got to say that I am loving the healthier dinners and feel like I have got over the bump that I encountered. I am thinking more about what is going in, especially when it comes to our dinners. My only downfall is cake and biscuits that get brought into work! But hey we all need a treat!

I have changed where we have been getting our shopping from again. I found that I got bored with the usual vegetables so have returned to Ocado. I love the wide variety of foods that they have, especially the more unusual vegetables. Check out this delicious salad that I had for work in the week. I will be posting the recipe later in the week but here is a sneak peek...

It was leftover vegetables with John West Pink Salmon. Did you know that having just one portion of oily fish each week can help to lower your cholesterol? As well as providing you with a deliciously healthy dinner, what reasons do you have to not indulge? Plus thanks to John West you can get your oily fish in a convenient tin which will also help keep your shopping bill down.

Last week we enjoyed all of the meals that I had planned and I have been increasing my steps. I have got to admit that the 100 mile challenge has really given me the push that I needed to move more. This is how many I have done so far:

Sunday 01/10/17 - 4.24 miles
Monday 02/10.17 - 5.28 miles
Tuesday - 03/10/17 - 3.45 miles
Wednesday - 04/10/17 - 3.26 miles
Thursday - 05/10/17 - 4.38 miles
Friday - 06/10/17 - 3.55 miles
Saturday - 07/10/17 - 2.18 miles
Sunday - 08/10/17 - 3.01 miles

Total for week one = 29.35 miles

That means that I have got another 70.65 miles to go. So, fingers crossed if I carry on as I am I should get my 100 miles by the end of October!

Now onto this weeks meal plan. At the moment my go to cook book is Jamie Oliver's fabulous 5 Ingredients. I love it! The book is full of delicious recipes that are perfect for mid week meals. This week I am featuring one and adapting one of the recipes.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 9th October 2017

Monday - Jamie's Green Spaghetti

As soon as I saw this recipe on the television I knew I had to make it. Jamie's Green spaghetti is a fantastic way to get some extra goodness into your diet. In his recipe he uses just cavolo nero but I am adding even more green veg to the mix! I am also going to be using a lovely fresh pasta that was on offer this week.

Tuesday - One pan fish dish

This is another Jamie Oliver based meal that I am going to adapt so that it includes some lovely oily fish products from John West.

Wednesday - Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon Carbonara

Carbonara is a favourite here but we love the traditional, egg based carbonara. When made with smoked lardons and mushrooms we know that we are in for a treat!

Thursday - Pie Night

We have not had a pie in such a long time so when I saw a chicken and asparagus pie I could not resist!

Friday -  Treat Night

I think it'll be a treat night, at the moment I honestly do not have a clue, but it will be something easy!

Saturday - Fish Pie

We all love fish pie and it is always a winner here!

What have you got planned?

Why not share your meal plan with the #MealPlanningMonday blog hop!

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  1. Great week. It's such a shame because I have had to cut fish out of our diets because the little one is allergic at the moment. I hope she grows out of it. :-) x

  2. Your lunch looks great Kirsty. You are doing great on the steps, I need to start using mine again. Thanks for hosting, I am new to your blog hop as I have only just started meal planning :)

  3. That salad looks amazing! I am not one for green things usually but it looks so appertising.
    I love the sound of the Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon Carbonara! Yum x


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