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National Cholesterol Month and a Healthy Meal Plan

Yesterday marked the start of National Cholesterol Month with heartuk. I am all for promoting good health and especially when it comes to something that is not a visible problem. It is not surprising to learn that cholesterol is known as the silent killer. In the UK over half of all adults have raised cholesterol. This was a statistic that I was really surprised about. National Cholesterol Month is all about raising awareness of high cholesterol, what causes cholesterol, how it can be controlled and most of all making everyone aware what the dangers of having a raised cholesterol level really are.

So, what is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is formed in the liver, however cholesterol can also be found in some foods. Cholesterol plays a vital role in the function of our cell and is also needed to make vitamin D. But having a high level of cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart and circulatory diseases. There are certain foods which contain high levels of cholesterol and eating too many of these will inevitably lead to high levels of cholesterol in you blood stream.

Foods which contain high levels of saturated fats combined with cholesterol need to be kept to a healthy level. I do not believe in eliminating them completely, especially if it is a food that you love, but reducing the amount you have and making it a treat will make it so much easier. The following foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol:
  • Full cream dairy foods such as cheese, milk, yoghurt and cream
  • Animal fats such as butter, ghee, margarine's, lard, suet and dripping
  • Fatty meats and processed meat products

There are a few simple swaps that can be made to help reduce your intake of the foods mentioned above such as changing from full fat milk to skimmed milk, buying fat free yoghurt's, go for plant based spreads instead of butter and getting fresh meat instead of processed meat.

Thankfully there are some super foods which will actively help reduce your cholesterol and throughout the month I am going to be sharing some delicious recipes that, not only the whole family will love but your heart will also love!

As well as healthy eating I have also stepped up (excuse the pun) to the 100 mile challenge! Since I returned to work my fitness routine has gone out of the window and the pounds and started to come back on. So to give me a kick up the backside and to also raise awareness I have agreed to complete the 100 mile challenge. For the challenge I have to complete 100 miles during October. So my Fitbit will be charged and I will be on a mission for the month and hopefully find a way to combine work, family, home life and exercise. Wish me luck!

Now on to this weeks cholesterol busting meal plan. This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 2nd October 2017

Monday - Roast Chicken

Yesterday we did not have a roast as I made a meal to be paired with some lovely wine that I have received for a future blog post. So what better way to start the week than with a roast dinner! Chicken is a low fat meat and we will be having lots of cholesterol lowering vegetables!

Tuesday - Salmon Stir Fry

This is a great, quick and easy meal. Salmon is an oily fish so is one of the cholesterol lowering foods. I will be serving with noodles, and vegetables.

Wednesday - Chicken Pad Thai

I love Pad Thai and when I was shopping a few weeks ago I saw an easy Pad Thai kit which I am going to use this week. Pad Thai used vegetables and is topped with healthy nuts so this will be another great meal for cholesterol.

Thursday - Soya Spag Bol

I will be adapting my All in One Spaghetti Bolognese to one that uses soya instead of mince.

Friday - Kashmir Curry

This was a meal which I had planned to cook over the weekend but did not check out the time needed assuming it would be a quick curry. But no, it needs 90 minutes in the oven! So I will be making it this on Friday but starting to cook it earlier!

Saturday - Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuna is a great oily fish and this is a meal that the kids love.

As for Sunday we will plan closer to the time!

Over the next few weeks I will be telling you how I get on with the cholesterol lowering diet and how many miles I have managed to get in.

If you would like to step up to the 100 mile challenge you can register here.

Now over to you. What meals have you got planned this week?

Enjoy x

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  1. Wow lovely healthy meal plan this week. The salmon stir fry sounds fab x


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