Friday, 29 September 2017

Guest Post: Can you Visit Manchester on a Budget?

A travel guide if you’re planning to go to Manchester – Can you plan on a budget?
It is needless to mention that Manchester, England is replete with passion for soccer. The city prospered during the time when it became the very first industrialized city, but then soon after it went through a sharp decline as manufacturing left England. However, at the present day, it is full of culture, hotels, restaurants and it is also the most bustling industrial district. Something that everyone knows is that the city of Manchester is popular for its football teams, the Manchester United and Man City. In short, it is a rough and tough city which is worth exploring.
What are the costs of tripping around Manchester?
Hostel costs: In Manchester, the hostel dorms start at £20 per night and most of them even provide you with a free Wi-Fi connection. For a private room, £45 would be the cost.
Average cost of food: Manchester is filled with markets which sell fresh and local cheese, meats, fruits, wine and vegetable. If you want to cook and reap benefits of these markets, you’ll get groceries at £30-50. It can cost you more if you wish to eat out.

Transportation costs: Taxis in Manchester cost you up to £16 and you may even opt for minibus hire as the journeys vary depending on the distance you’re traveling. If you choose minibus hire Manchester services, you may even choose an unlimited daily ticket for £5.60.
Take a stroll through the campus of University of Manchester
This is more than only a beautiful campus. This university is the place where the first computer was built and where scientists created radio astronomy. The tours through their sprawling campus are indeed interesting.
Take a walk along Curry Mile
How about taking a walk along Curry Mile? This is a Main street which is lined with restaurants, jewellery stores and sari shops. There are lots of South Asian immigrants and hence you can easily spot great Indian food and curries with spices here.
Pay a visit to Castlefield
The site of the original Roman settlement is definitely a perfect place for history buffs. The walls which stand over 2 meters high come from the 16th century and it is the center of Manchester’s canal network. The transport nexus is definitely of more unique historical importance.
The LGBT Heritage Trail
The gay scene that you find in Manchester will be considered as something that’s unsurpassable outside London. You can pick up the Gay & Lesbian Village Guide at the office of the tourists which makes a list of the tons of galleries, bars, clubs, groups which cater to the community. The trail is a 90 minute walking tour of the pink links of the city.
So, do you feel intrigued to visit Manchester? If answered yes, don’t waste any more time in planning your trip to this soccer hub.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative guest post

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