Monday, 7 August 2017

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday Week 32 The Camping Edition!

Hello and welcome to week 32 of #MealPlanningMonday!

This weeks meal plan is a little different to normal as this week we are going back to basics and are camping! This is our first ever camping trip so I think that having some meals planned is a necessity. I have brought some non perishable foods with us such as pasta sauces, wraps, tins and packet mixes. I am planning to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables as we go and hope to find a lovely farm shop near by. But to help the week go smoothly I have come prepared to make the following meals.

For the first part of the holiday I will have the hubby with us so meal times will be easier as we will either eat out or we will prepare the meal together, but during the week the hubby has to work so it is just me and the kids so all of the meals need to be kiddie friendly, easy and fun meals we can all dig into! I have tried out a couple of meals using just two pans as that is all I will have. I am nervous but so excited to try something that is completely new and back to basics!

This is what we will be feasting on while camping...
A Week Away Camping!

Spag Bol - This is an easy meal to make thanks to pre made sauces. I will simply buy some fresh mince and some salad.

Chilli con Carne - This is another easy meal thanks to pre made sauces.

Fajitas - I have bought a fajita kit which comes complete with wraps, fajita spices and salsa so all I need to do is pan fry the chicken, get some salad and serve with some nachos. This will be a great meal for everyone to dig into!

Wrap Calzone - This is something that I tried at home first. I have heated the frying pan, added a wrap, covered with tomato puree, added cheese and fillings and folded over. Makes a tasty lunch!

Corned Beef Hash - This is going to be a great all in one pan meal. Full of corned beef, fresh vegetables (which I plan to get from a local farm shop) and baked beans!

BBQ - Hopefully the weather will be fine for a BBQ.

Fresh Seaside Fish - I am hoping to get some lovely fresh fish at some point while we are away.

We will also be having lots of picnics when we go out so that we can save a bit more money. I have got plenty of free days out planned so lots to look forward to!

Hope you have a good week and I will let you all know how we got on next week!

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