Thursday, 15 June 2017

Life and Luck Before 40!

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Today is my birthday.

Today I turn 39.

39, how can I be 39?

All of a sudden the years seem to have crept up. Next year I hit the big 4 0. I remember feeling dread as I went from my 20's into my 30's then once my birthday was over I realised it was not such a big deal. So why is 40 such a big deal?

People say that once you hit 40 you have hit mid life but I am going into my final year of my thirties with a different view. When I hit 40 I am going to be going into some of the best years of my life. During my thirties I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel about life. I went into my thirties as a single working mum to J. During my 30's I met, fell in love with and married my hubby. He turned my life into something that I dreamt of. He gave me the stability and completed me in a way that I always longed for. We have been blessed with our beautiful twins and have a loving family. My 30's have been the most settled, happy and stable years. Lady luck has definitely been on my side and as I go into the final year of my 30's I am actually looking forward to seeing how my life changes during my 40's.

As I am feeling the luck at the moment I was curious to see if the luck would shine down on me even further. Lottoland recently asked me if I would like to try out their worldwide lotto draws. When I had a look I noticed that there was a draw being held on my birthday so fingers crossed my birthday is a lucky day for me. I have bought some numbers for the US Powerball that is being drawn today. A win would be an amazing birthday present! I will admit to having a little flutter on a few other draws too. Hopefully the luck will follow me to the weekend as I have go some numbers for the Mega Millions draw and Euro Millions.

The luck of work has also been on my side. Last week I finally got the telephone call giving me my official start date for my new job. So the future is looking promising. The children are growing up, the hubby and I go from strength to strength, I am continuing my love of blogging and cooking, I am feeling more confident in myself and am finally, for the first time in my life, feeling happy within my body.

I am looking forward to the next year and I am looking forward to turning 40 next year!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Hehe Kirsty, it's not all that bad. I turned 40 in October! Still feel like a lost and irresponsible teenager in my head though!!!


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