Saturday, 17 June 2017

Birthday Gift Round-up

It is official, I have been well and truly spoilt with both gifts and love! I thought that I would share with you some of my gifts and some things that I plan to treat myself to with some of my birthday money!

My family know that with Cath Kidston items they simply cannot go wrong. This is a brand that I love! So when I opened this beautiful British Birds Curved Saddle Bag I was over the moon. This is a bag that I had pointed out in the past to the hubby. It is smaller than my other bag and is perfect for me to take to work. As the bag is smaller he knew that I would also need a smaller purse, so also wrapped me up this lovely little leather Cath Kidston purse. As I have recently started my new job I also wanted some new work shoes. I like my shoes to be a bit different. If I am wearing all black I like a pair of shoes that give it a bit of contrast. These Elvington Rose Embossed Ballerina Shoes are a fantastic addition to my shoe collection!

Anyone that knows me knows I love gin! So receiving a bottle of Thomas Dakin small batch gin got the thumbs up from me! This is a gin that I have not tried before which made it even more exciting! For my coffee at work the kids also gave me this quirky quote mug that says "Do more of what makes you happy" this is a perfect quote for life!

Finally they treated me to a few office accessories so that I can make my work area more personal. I got the blue desk organiser set and a picture frame for pictures of my lovely lot!

I also got some money which I have already started to plan what to buy. One of my favourite shops while I was living in Europe was Esprit and while I was looking online I found that they are here in the UK too, how did I not know until now? So I have been looking and have already planned to treat my self to this stunning floral dress...

EDC / Dainty dress + a lush back neckline
Photograph courtesy of Esprit dainty dress

I also plan to have a good look at Lakeland as they have got a sale of at the moment too!

I can safely say that I have had a lovely birthday and that is all thanks to being with the people that I love!

Here is to another great year, cheers!

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