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National Multi Tasking Day with Nature's Finest Plus a Healthy, Quick and Easy Dessert!

Wednesday 24th May 2017 is National Multi Tasking Day. Being a busy working mum to three children, wife to the hubby and caring after animals multi tasking is something that you need to do to maintain sanity! I never truly knew what multi tasking was until the twins arrived and the hubby returned to work after his paternity leave. Having two babies needing you, often at the same time, makes you look at what you do and try to make life as easy as possible.

Nature's Finest is celebrating National Multi Tasking Day and making preparing fruit one less job to do! Their pre prepared fruit contains no added sugar and is preserved in natural juice. The fruit in Nature's Finest has been picked and packed at its peak ripeness to ensure all of the goodness is retained.

Nature's Finest

It has been identified that 24th May is the country's busiest day. People are starting to plan their summer holidays, the children are getting ready for yet another half term holiday, work that needs doing, like all families, the list goes on. So to make the busiest day a little easier I am going to share with you my top tips for multi tasking and how to survive the busy day! Plus a deliciously quick and easy recipe that is perfect for the days when you are not prepared for the question "what's for pudding mum?".

My Top Multi Tasking Tips
  • Be realistic - When you are trying to juggle more than one job be realistic with yourself and your ability. If you try to do more than possible it is just going to take you longer
  • Room by room - Focus on jobs that can be completed in the same room. I often do kitchen jobs while cooking dinner. If you are cooking a meal that requires simmering use the simmering time to do the washing up, emptying or filling the dishwasher, preparing packed lunches for the following day or even helping the children with their homework while sat at the kitchen table!
  • Two birds, one stone - Being a foodie blogger when I am developing a recipe that is a main meal I do it in the afternoon so that it is ready for meal time, we have a great meal and I have a blog post to share! Another foodie top tip is use your freezer. If you know that you have got a particularly busy day coming up cook extra one evening so that you have enough for two meals, eat one and freeze the other for the super busy day!
  • Shower and wash - I always find a great time to clean the bathroom is during/after showering. While rinsing my hair I can run the water over the tiles, while I am getting dry I wipe around the sink and bath, shower done, cleaning done!
  • Exercising while cleaning - Need to get out and exercise but do not have the time? Jog and dance around as you clean. Your steps will go up as will your cardio activity!
  • Get the kids involved - Need to bake a cake or prepare some easy meals? The kids want your time and attention? Get the kids involved in baking or cooking. This gives you both time together and you get the baking or cooking done!
  • Ironing and TV - Want to catch up on some television programmes but have ironing to do? Take your ironing board and iron to where the television is and do both. Plus watching television while ironing makes it a more enjoyable task!
  • Plan - Plan what you need to do, if writing lists help, write them, and try to allocate time needed to complete them. I love lists and find that they help to keep me on track.
  • Be kind - Yes, this is just as important as the tasks! Be kind to yourself, do not put too much pressure on yourself, do what is humanly possible and if you need help, ask for it!
Now on to the tasty part. Having a tub of Nature's Finest in the cupboard is such an easy way to create a deliciously healthy dessert.

Greek Yogurt Fruit Dessert


Greek yogurt
Vanilla extract
Mixed seeds


1 - Mix a drop of vanilla extract into the Greek yogurt

2 - Spoon a dollop of yogurt into a bowl

3 - Add a layer of fruit and scatter over the mixed seeds

As an added extra treat you can also scatter over some crushed meringue.

What are you top multi tasking tips? What is your favourite, quick and easy dessert?

Enjoy x

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  1. Some great tips there Kirsty I often do recipe test, shoot and eat for dinner though sometimes it means dinner runs a bit late. I also like to write lists give me satisfaction in ticking them off even f sometimes I add things to the to do list quicker than I tick them off. Thanks for sharing on #CookBlogShare

  2. Great tips for multi-tasking Kirsty. I'm always amazed at how much I manage to get done in a day - yet the house always feels slightly out of control! I'm rarely prepared for "What's for pudding" and my usual answer of "fruit or yoghurt" always gets a groan!

  3. Seriously? There's a National Multi-Tasking Day??? Every day is a multi-tasking day in my world....


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