Thursday, 25 May 2017

Getting Fit with DW Fitness Centre

Regular readers of Hijacked By Twins will know that I am on a weight loss journey. So far I have lost over 2 stone by following the Slimming World plan. But as the weight has come off my focus has gone to my fitness. Like most mums I have areas which need toning up and I know that there are bits that will get better but simply will not go back to how they were pre twins. Finally I am in a place where I am happy with that. I am finally feeling happy with my body and am loving the increased activity that I am doing. I recently signed up to take part in the Cancer Research Race for Life which gave me a target. When I signed up I could not run for 1 minute let alone for 5k, but now after training, I can and I am confident that I will complete the run. So when DW Fitness Clubs got in touch to ask if I would like to try out their facilities and some of their sports wear the timing was perfect.

In a recent study it was shown that over 65's are at risk of muscular skeletal problems and that 40% admitted that they did absolutely no strength training at all. Regular exercise, regardless of your age, is a great way to improve your mental health and well as your physical health.

My mum is under 65 but she really does inspire me with her fitness. When she retired she started to go running. This started with the couch to 5k plan and now she can easily run 8 - 9k! So when I started to run she was my inspiration. I long to be able to run as my mum does and I know that with a bit of perseverance I will be able to do it. As encouragement I will be completing the Race for Life with my mum and will do so with pride! While I am in training I have been going running with my mum and she has been a tower of support, giving me advice, cheering me on and giving me some great encouragement. But it has also given us something that we can do and enjoy together, some quality mum and daughter time.

Unfortunately when I visited the DW gym at Gainsborough my mum was not able to come but I have filled her in on this great setting. I was amazed by the gym, having only ever used our small, local council gym I really was astounded by the sheer size of the gym and did not know where to start! The extensive gym includes a huge gym floor with cardio and resistance machines, large free weights, a spinning area and numerous treadmills. To accommodate group sessions they even have separate rooms for both Pilate's, yoga and Tai chi classes and a studio for more upbeat classes. After a session in the gym you can cool down in the relaxing pool area, spa pool and steam room.

To ensure that you are wearing the right clothing during exercising DW also have a great sportswear site, DW Sports which stocks the most up to date clothing that is available. From clothing to trainers, from football shirts to accessories, they have it all.

This is what we were sent to try...

The Adidas Essential Solid Hoodie in core pink is not only a fantastically bright colour which is essential when running on the road but is also stylish and comfortable! The hoodie is made with a lovely soft cotton and certainly keeps me warm on a cool mornings run.

The Reebok Sport Essential Playdry V-Neck T-Shirt is made with Playdry technology that draws the moisture from sweating away from the skin to allow you a more comfortable workout.

Finally the Adidas Techfit Macro Heather Tights give you a compressive fit that helps to support your muscles and to fight fatigue.

We have been delighted with these products and I especially love the pink hoodie as it will be perfect for the pink themed Race for Life. I will no doubt update you on how the Race for Life goes!

Having a healthy diet is essential both before and after a workout. My go to meals are:

Pre Workout

Post Workout

Do you visit the gym? Have you tried a DW Fitness Centre before?

Disclosure: I received a weeks pass to the DW Fitness Centre and the items of clothing for the purpose of this blog post. All words, views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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