Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Calsway Snacks Review - Plus Dessert Recipe!

Eating right just got a lot easier with the new health brand Calsway. Calsway have recently announced the launch of their Eat Right® (#EatRight) range of snacks.

Like the majority of busy people finding a healthy snack for on the go can be hard. But Calsway have created a range of naturally delicious snacks that finally solve this problem. Trying to follow a healthy eating plan you are bombarded by what you can and cannot eat, the amount of calories to consume, weighing foods, following a 'diet' can be exhausting. These Calsway snacks come pre packed in resealable pouches that come in 100, 150 and 200 calorie packets with both paleo and vegan options available. When Calsway contacted me to ask if we would like to try one of their variety boxes I knew that they could solve both my snacking problems and finding healthy snacks for the children.

Calsway sent us their Kids Lunch Box Rescue box which comes with 12 individual packs which are the perfect size for lunch boxes, the gym bag and even my handbag. In the box we received...

  • 2 x Raspberry Fruity Stripes
  • 2 x Grandpa's Apple and Cocoa Crisps
  • 2 x Tasty Nature Mix of Berries
  • 2 x Nana's Beetroot Crisps
  • 2 x Apple Rock n Roll Balls
  • 2 x Cranberry Rock n Roll Balls
I have tried all of the snacks and love them all, especially the Rock n Roll Balls and Grandpa's Crisps which are so moreish! The kids favourite is definitely the Fruit Stripes. I have used the Tasty Nature Mix as a topping for this delicious healthy dessert.

Layered Fruit Pot

Ingredients - makes 2 desserts

2 nectarines, stone removed and chopped
2 pears, core removed and chopped
2 meringue nests, crushed
200g fat free Greek yoghurt
1 packet of Tasty Nature Mix


1 - Place the chopped nectarine and pear in a blender with 1 - 2 tablespoons of water and blitz until you have a smooth fruit puree

2 - Divided the fruit puree between two dessert glasses

3 - Spoon over 100g of Greek yoghurt into each glass

4 - Cover the Greek yoghurt with the crushed meringue nests and finally top with the Tasty Nature Mix of berries

5 - Either serve immediately or keep in the fridge until you want to serve

This is a deliciously quick and easy dessert to make and practically guilt free! What more could you want?

If you are looking for a healthier snack I would definitely recommend checking Calsway out!

Enjoy x 

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Disclosure: I received the Calsway variety box for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received and all views and opinions are my own

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  1. mmmmm I love the sound of your layered fruit pot Kirsty - perfect for breakfast. These snacks are a great idea aren't they? I adore their names too. x


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