Thursday, 6 April 2017

Super Boost Green Matcha Smoothie

Since starting Slimming World 25 weeks ago I have noticed my body and tastes change a great deal. Now that I have stepped up my weight loss plan to include more activity what I eat and drink has changed even more. On the days that I exercise my appetite is bigger but for good foods. Before I exercise I have an oat based breakfast and try to include banana for energy and a natural peanut butter to help the long term release of energy. My favourite way to start a gym day is with a lovely big bowl of my Full of Energy Porridge.

Whether you are exercising or not what you drink is also an important part of your diet. When I drink alcohol my whole body feels it and it effects the way I eat. So I am trying to make a conscious effort to not drink as much, limiting it to the odd drink. I have started to add super green matcha to my drinks again and on a gym day the matcha really does give me an added boost! In the past I have written about matcha and what a great drink and ingredient it is. I have used it in porridge, cakes and drinks. When I have matcha in my diet I find that my energy levels are higher, my moods are better and I generally feel better in myself. Over the last few weeks I have been starting the day with a delicious, green smoothie. It has become a loved part of my daily routine hence why I am sharing it with you today!

Super Boost Green Matcha Smoothie

Ingredients - per serving

300mls cold water
Juice from half a lime
Ginger puree
1/2 tsp organic matcha (I use Teapigs Organic Matcha)
Handful of spinach


1 - Place a handful of washed spinach to a blender, squeeze over the juice from half a lime, add a little ginger puree according to taste

2 - Pour over the water, add the matcha and blitz into a drink

This drink is lovely served over ice with a slice of lime and on my gym days I pour it into a water bottle to drink as I workout!

Spinach has so many nutritional qualities, one being its ability to restore energy, hence making it a perfect addition to your morning routine. Lime is packed with vitamin C and ginger adds a great kick of flavour!

Enjoy x

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  1. I think that would be very very healthy. Healthy spirit - healthy body. :)

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