Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beef Kheema for Great British Beef Week

This week is Great British Beef Week so this weeks recipe with Aldi features their 100% British beef. Aldi are committed to sourcing only 100% British beef that comes from Red Tractor assured farms. This means that they are able to trace back all of their meat to the farm of its origin. The Red Tractor is one of the largest food standard schemes in the UK and they ensure that the welfare of the animals is protected, food safety is paramount and that everything from the care to packaging of the meats is environmentally friendly. 

With Aldi offering some of the best prices on the market seeing the Red Tractor on all of their beef you can be confident that you are going to be cooking and consuming great meat.

To celebrate Great British Beef Week and to also celebrate the fantastic prices at Aldi I am sharing with you a curried beef recipe, beef kheema. This is a simple yet full of flavour dish that can be served in a variety of ways.

This is what I did...

Beef Kheema with Turmeric Rice


200g frozen garden peas
150g green beans, cut into thirds
3 cabbage leaves, shredded
1 x 400g tin chopped tomatoes
2 tbsp curry powder
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
300mls vegetable stock
300g long grain rice
2tsp ground turmeric
5 cardamon seeds (optional extra)


1 - Bring a pan of lightly salted water to the boil

2 - Fry the mince in a large saute pan for 5 minutes, moving frequently

3 - Add the garlic, green beans, shredded cabbage and curry powder and mix thoroughly

4 - Cook for a further 5 minutes before adding the chopped tomatoes and vegetable stock

5 - Bring to the boil and reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes

6 - Add the rice to the boiling water, sprinkle in the turmeric and add the whole cardamon seeds if using simmer for 15 minutes

7 - Once the rice is cooked drain and remove the cardamon

8 - Spoon the rice into the pan with the beef and mix thoroughly before serving

If you did not want rice this beef kheema is perfect for Bombay potatoes or even topped with mash potato for an Indian style cottage pie!

If you are following the Slimming World plan this is a fantastic syn free meal! Delicious and healthy!

Enjoy x

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


  1. This looks really lovely you've made me hungry x

  2. Opps i didnt realise it was British beef week:( This looks the type of dish that will go down very nicely in my family so I'm pinning for later.

  3. Such a delicious and quick family meal! I love all the vegetables you've added and how lean and healthy this dish is:)


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